Shiraz Boghani is a talented entrepreneur who is based in London. The started two companies which became successful, and they have continued to expand to different parts of England. The first venture was starting a group of hotels known as Splendid Hospitality Group. The chains of hotels and restaurants have increased to over 19, and they are spread all over the UK. He is also featured in the healthcare business whereby he manages Sussex healthcare which has 2o homes to offer excellent services. The healthcare facility has been offering quality services to those with various disabilities and the seniors in the society.

Shiraz Boghani is not only an entrepreneur, but he is involved in philanthropic endeavors. He contributes money to support the Ismaili community. He also contributes to the Aga Khan Development which is now a global organization found in many parts of the world. He serves as the Chief Executive Officer of Splendid hospitality Group. Because of his leadership skills, the organization has continued to expand and offer the best services. His success was recognized when he won the Asian Ward as the hotelier of the year. He was happy to receive the award because it is a privilege. It is through his dedication to managing the hotels that he won the award. Shiraz Boghani also established Sussex healthcare with the support of other entrepreneurs. The facility has been there for more than two decades now, and its services are of high quality.

Many with various physical conditions have found a home, and the seniors who are found there are happy with the services they receive.Shiraz Boghani comes from Kenya where he was born. However, he went to the UK because he wanted to further his studies. He wanted to study account a course that he did successfully. After completing accounting training, he worked for several companies for years and gained experience on how to manage businesses. But Boghani was also interested in business, so he started offering hotel services. He had the passion and when he started the business went on well. Today his businesses have expanded and employed many people.Shiraz is good example of a person who has lived his dream,. He came to the UK and conquered. He has accomplished his dreams and has also helped others accomplish theirs through the philanthropic work he has been doing. Together with Shafik Sachedina, they have made a move that has helped a crucial part of the community that is normally forgotten.

Peter Briger currently serves as the chairman of a successful company known as Fortress Investment Group. He also heads the real estate department and serves as the chairman of the Board of Directors at the same company. After graduating from Pennsylvania, he launched his career, and since then he has worked with several organizations. He has worked with companies dealing with real estate, and through this, he has gained a lot of experience. Today he has led successful innovations at Fortress Investment Group leading to the expansion of the company.

Peter Briger is a leader renowned for the many achievements he has done so far since he started his career path. At the Fortress Investment Group, he is also in charge of the credit section. He works with a team of talented employees who are over 300. He has been successful in various ventures like distress assets and credit investment. He has been helping the company in several ways, and he has also built his reputation. Recently he featured in Forbes among the top 400 successful billionaires of the world. The best part with Peter Briger is positive thinking. He is also committed to achieving his goals. He became a billionaire in 2007 when Fortress Investment went public.

He is committed to philanthropy

Peter Briger is not only a successful business person, but he is also attached to several charitable organizations. His main goal is to change the lives of others and make them achieve the same success he has achieved. He also serves as the director of some of these organizations because his leadership skills have been proven through the many organizations he has led. One of the most recognized organization is called the Tipping Point Foundation where he currently operates as the Director. The foundation has been helping families who earn a low income. The primary goal is to improve their living standards.

He is also involved in another organization called Caliber school which focuses on educating students who are good achievers but needy. He is also currently engaged with other several organizations because he wants to help others to change their lives. Meet Pete Briger: A Titan in the Investment and Finance World


Freedom checks have been sounding as if it is a federal program but the real story is that it is not a program run by the United States government. However, this is a tax-free opportunity for investment, and it exists only because of Statute 26-F federal law. It has enabled more than five hundred and fifty energy businesses the ability to send the free monthly or quarterly checks to those who have invested in them. These checks are known as freedom checks.

The firms that are behind are known as Master Limited partnerships. The master limited partnerships play a significant role in the oil and gas industries. The master limited partnerships operate on the refineries, drill new wells and then transportation of the fuel through the pipes. So that to qualify for this special tax exemption, the companies are required to give the investors 90 cents in every dollar that they earn.

The freedom checks resemble the dividends, but in most of the master limited partnerships refer to these dividends as “distributions.” some of the shareholders are receiving even up to even 160, 000 dollars every quarter. There have been highlights from Reuters and Motley Fool talking of the impressive gain that is being offered by these investments. The traditional securities usually pay less by 50 – 67 percent.

MLPs are not affected by income tax or shareholders from the federal government. The investors pay the small tax fee on the capital they gain after they have sold their shares. Americans have got given significant incentives from these policies, and they have invested in the sector.

The question is, why is the government allowing the master limited partnerships to avoid taxes? Nixon believes that the nation required to maintain the independence, and it has by creating more energy. Consequently, President Nixon was involved in creating a law that can reward the people who invest in the domestic oil and gas producers.

These freedom checks have a concept that encompasses some similar opportunities. So that to earn much of the dollars in every month, one will require to invest heavily. Americans can now start purchasing shares starting from $50 in spare cash. The financial guru behind these checks is Matt Badiali.

Adam Milstein recently traveled to Poland, the Czech Republic, Lithuania, Estonia, Germany, and Latvia to attempt to get a better idea of the impact that Nazi Germany and the Axis Powers had on the world with their genocidal actions. By viewing the infamous Auschwitz-Birkenau, Adam Milstein and 100 philanthropists and scholars from the United States were able to see just how inhumane the conditions at the concentration camp were to those who suffered inside of it. These camps were created solely to destroy the Gypsies and Jewish people of Europe.


Many people just view the sites of these atrocities as historical without taking a second to consider that they could be completely relevant to our future and even present day as our political climates continue to become more and more hostile towards minorities and the Jewish people. It may be hard to accept that similar events may happen again, but in order to avoid repeating it, Adam Milstein believes this is necessary. An action plan and a steadfast mindset is important to ensure that “Never Again” is truly the path that is followed.


The things that caused the Holocaust did not happen all at once, it took years for them to develop into the genocidal actions that took place directly before and during World War II. During recent years, there have been some rather stark parallels to the events of the past. Alliances between radical Islamists and radical Leftists have created figures such as Jeremy Corbyn and others who not only ignore anti-Semitism but in some cases also encourage it. These figures have caused an uprising of those on the radical Right which could lead the world down a very volatile path with the extreme opposition between the groups. While many officials in Europe have tried to blame the entirety of the Holocaust on Germany, it’s important that the world eventually accepts responsibility for their actions or lack thereof.


In 1981, Adam Milstein and his family moved to the United States from Israel. After earning an MBA from UCLA, he entered the field of commercial real estate. After years of dedication, he managed to work his way from a sales agent to earn the position at Hager Pacific Properties as a managing partner.

The continued desire to take businesses to higher levels has seen several companies use every available opportunity to reach out to more clients. Primarily, the advancement in technology has also played a significant role in linking up buyers and sellers. By employing some of the most sophisticated tools now readily available on the internet, marketing is now excellent as well as simple. Considering that some of the most established companies may not be having their staff with huge followings to run their ads on the internet, the companies have been compelled to use the services of other companies that are allegedly gurus. Sahm Adrangi, however, argues that not all the known gurus in the techno world are sincere when it comes to running the ads.


Sahm Adrangi, a seasoned professional, has been actively involved in service delivery to Kerrisdale Capital for nine years. Having built their business along short activism, Adrangi, together with his counterparts, have managed about $180 million. They began the publication of their little activism research back in 2010. Initially, they had a lot of focus on the Chinese market in which there were significant fraudulent activities, and to some extent, the short sellers eradicated close to $20 billion that had been invested by the known Chinese fraudulent companies. Since then, their attention shifted to the U.S platform.


Together with his team, Sahm Adrangi researches in varied fields. Their findings are in most cases posted on their website. They also distribute their findings via email to those who find it convenient to them. The team also has a sizeable following on Twitter to a tune of 25,000 people. This also serves as an excellent platform for their research finding distribution.


Adding his voice further on the internet ads running, Sahm Adrangi says that not all the entrusted with running the ads do justice to the companies that pay them to do the job. He argues that some have developed bots that do the ad clicking, thereby deceiving the companies on the actual statistics of the potential clients reached out to during the campaign.

Apart from heading the Investment Bank, Mike Bagguley is a dedicated Managing Director of the FX Trading at Barclays Capital. Before being promoted to the MD position, he spearheaded the operations of the Commodities and Foreign Exchange at the same bank since mid-2013. Barclays PLC entrusted Mike with the responsibilities of risk and strategic position for its global franchise. Mike has worked in numerous senior roles, and his prowess has been put into test over handling some very challenging seats.

He joined Barclays PLC in the year 2011, and since then he has proved to be among the most capable, goal oriented, and resourceful employees. Since he started working with Barclay’s corporation, he has received a chain of promotions and responsibilities from various departments of the bank. For instance, he was once the head of FX cash Trading where he was later moved to head the interest rate in the income division department. His successes in every he holds made him an icon in the Bank and he became very instrumental in uplifting the performance of the bank in various departments.

He has even worked overseas to champion the vision of the company in the global arena. Mike Bagguley has, for instance, headed the Asian Swap Trading and worked as the senior vice president of the Bank’s FX Trading Department at the Merril Lynch Branch. Mike has been said to be the most accomplished Head of Trading of the Hong Kong department at Sanwa FP Co LLC. For about seven years, Mike Baggaley has served as the Shareholder Representative Director of the famous Clearnet Group Limited at LCH. He is a long time fellow of the national institute of actuaries and alumni of the University of Warwick.

  1. Mike Bagguley has spent almost all his career life serving Barclays. His 14 years of services have been a rewarding journey both the institution and to himself. His leadership and ever accomplishing stewardship have seen the bank grow tremendously not only across Europe but also in Asian markets over the years.

InnovaCare Health is currently run by Dr. Richard Shinto, their president and Chief Executive Officer, and Penelope Kokkinides their Chief Administrative Officer. Shinto has more than twenty years of experience in managing health care. He has a Bachelors of Science from the Univesity of California, and received his medical degree from State University of New York. Kokkinides has extensive experience in managing large companies holding positions as Executive Vice Presidents and Chief Operation Officer at other health care companies. She has a Bachelors degree from Binghamton University in biological sciences and classical languages, a masters degree in social work from New York University, and a post-masters in alcohol and substance abuse.


In Puerto Rico, InnovaCare Health is doing it’s best to help the people recover from Hurricane Maria. They run the country’s largest Medicare Advantage health plans. They also set up a store front clinic in San Juan’s largest shopping center to provide physicals and referrals for more specialized care and services. Despite the recovery the island has made dozens of doctor offices on it continue to remain closed. Hospitals were badly damaged in the storm and after the hurricane many health care professionals fled for the mainland.


InnovaCare Health is determined to help address the specific health care needs of Puerto Ricans. These include disease prevention, drug management, and much more. Their store front Recargate provides a place for citizens to be safe and recharge, both physically and emotionally. It also offers educational sessions to promote wellness, exercise, and other necessary health care.


Originally Recargate was set to close on December 31st but with the need still high they have pushed that date to March 31st and may continue to push it if the need continues to exist. InnovaCare Health and Recargate have strived to meet the health needs of the population and have begun to realize that the poverty, housing instability, and lack of transportation are all big factors in the population’s health issues and needs.


With this in mind, Penelope Kokkinides had a meeting with President Donald Trump to address these issues. She was invited along with seven other women from caregiver organizations, and she used the invitation as a way to talk about the benefits that will come from having better health services in Puerto Rico. There is a great need for better funding from the government for the health care sector, especially in Puerto Rico.


Many people may not know who Michael Herd is, but they are soon going to know this business oil tycoon because of his wife. The celebration of a majestic wedding that took place in southern Italy would be the thing that would become the highlight of bridal magazines in 2017. Michael Herd married Whitney Wolfe, and she is the CEO of Bumble that has turned the matchmaking business into big business.

Auditioning to be the fourth sister 🙇‍♀️ @haimtheband X @bumble 🙌

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Whitney Wolfe has not invented anything new. Matchmaking was big business long before she came along, but she has added a few tweaks. Some may say that the tweets that Whitney Wolfe has added to Bumble has made it more of a feminist dating app, and she is all for that. In fact, some may say that this was the plan that Wolfe had all along.

It was to her advantage to work as a co-founder for Tinder because gave her time to process what was actually going on with millennials. Before she started marketing Tinder to college students there was no true app design for singles for the millennial age. Other dating app sites like eHarmony and Match seemed totally out of place for a younger crowd of adults that were in college or just finishing college. It seemed like the dating app world was an old fashioned way of meeting a mate and settling down. It did not seem like something that a young generation of bar hoppers and club-goers would even going to be interested in.

For Whitney Wolfe to work as the co-founder of Tinder it was easy for her to begin to see how after technology needed to be changed for dating. She managed to do this successfully, but Tinder would become something of a difficult place for Whitney to work. It did not make sense for her to stay there any longer after the things that occurred inside of this organization. She knew that she would be better on her own and Bumble proved that. Buzzing With Feminism: Whitney Wolfe Herd’s Journey to Queen Bee.

Another thing that Wolfe wanted to do when she branched out on her own is expand the possibilities where people could meet on their own terms. It may be through friendship building with Bumble BFF that relationships are forged. It may be through networking possibilities with Bumble Bizz that partnerships are developed. Whitney wanted the millennial generation to have access to all of this through a single app.

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Everyone who is on planet earth today has unique qualities as well as unique body types. What works for some people may not work for others. IDLife has mastered this subject by offering customized nutrition plans. If you’re unaware of what products you should be taking, then you should definitely complete the company’s online assessment. The assessment won’t take long and all you have to do is answer a few health-related questions. Once your information is in the system, you’ll get the best information that fits your personal needs. Products, products and more products. This supplement company has plenty of healthy products to put you on the right path to success, including:

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  • And others

IDLife is changing the game for the better. The company’s nutritional team and business team has an estimate 32 years of experience combined. This team is very knowledgeable in sales, in nutrition and in general business.

You may also read “Garmin and IDLife Team Up for Strategic Wellness Endeavor” for more.

Jeremy Goldstein serves at Jeremy L. Goldstein & Associates as the partner. He offers advisory services to compensation committees, firm and CEOs from various corporations. His accomplishment and success in his career have enabled him to be a reputable and reliable attorney in the United States. He went to the New York University and earned his J.D, his B.A from Cornell University and M.A at the University of Chicago.

Goldstein has been serving in lots of organizations that have helped him to be well equipped and more so getting vast experience in his law career. Besides, the organizations that have approached him for his services have been transformed to be competitive in the industry.

Jeremy Goldstein helped Verizon Wireless to acquire Alltel Corporation and UTC to acquire the Goodrich. The reputation of Goldstein keeps growing due to the quality and his passion for satisfactorily serving the clients. He is aware of the importance of meeting the needs of the customers as that attracts customers more. Read more: Jeremy Goldstein | Slideshare and Jeremy Goldstein | Slideshare

Every client has a varying issue from one another, and it is imperative to comprehend what the customers’ wants from you. With this, you will offer the right and appropriate advisory services to the customers that will contribute towards effectiveness in the industry.

It is not simple to maintain a good portfolio in the law industry on your own, but when you provide the right services to the clients the image is built, and clients will crowd to your firm in need of your services. Learn more about Jeremy Goldstein: and

It is crucial to have a good relationship with customers as that will aid you in learning the needs of the clients. That was the driving factor of Jeremy Goldstein as he could always communicate with the customers and established a professional and social relationship with them.

The Jeremy L. Goldstein & Associates LLC is reputable in the law industry, and the management and leadership that is offered by Goldstein make it to be competitive in the market. Other advocates and attorney working together with Jeremy are motivated and impressed by commitment and passion of Goldstein in his career.

Jeremy Goldstein was listed by Legal 500 as a prominent attorney in handling compensation issues for various corporate companies.

Before he founded Jeremy L. Goldstein & Associates LLC, Goldstein was working with Wachtell, Rosen & Katz. His philanthropic initiatives are directed towards people that have the mental illness so that they can have a better living.