What Have Richard Liu Achieved at JD.com

Richard Liu is the founder and CEO of is JD.com. JD.com is listed on the NASDAQ stock exchange. The company is able to deliver quality goods to most of China. Liu has been to help JD.com provide a few innovations related to artificial intelligence, the internet of things, and robotics. Liu was educated in the […]

Shervin Pishevar

Tech investor and entrepreneur, Shervin Pishevar, went on a 24-hour tweet storm in February 2018. His analysis and predictions regarding the tech market and the Dow Jones caused a great deal of interest in the tech world. Nearly a year later, it is worth reexamining Pishevar’s predictions and determining which have come to pass. “Bitcoin […]

Talkspace Gives People More Therapy Options

Until Talkspace debuted their text therapy option, the only way people had to talk to therapists was in talk therapy sessions. Things were difficult for people who wanted to make sure they had all the best options and that was something that caused a lot of problems for people who didn’t like leaving the house […]

Loan Application Made Easier by GreenSky Credit.

It has taken decades before the dawn of technology shone on the financial credit industry. However, with the formation of GreenSky Credit in 2006, things started taking a new dimension. The founders of this organization had realized that the financial lenders were exploiting their borrowers and hence felt the urge to curtail the unnecessary culture. […]

Shervin Pishevar Twitter Predictions Are Loud Enough

After a long silence, Shervin Pishevar broke his quiet with 21-hours Tweet predictions of fifty messages touching on different issues affecting the United States’ economy. His silence has been from December 2017 after he announced resignation from Investment company. Shervin Pishevar is known for his thought –leadership besides being an entrepreneur, venture capitalist, and super […]