Ashley Lightspeed has wowed many with her ability to transform simple ideas into amazing projects and models. The success of many top companies in business can be credited to her since she develops growth strategies for these companies that are long lasting and also less costly. She is currently a partner at Lightspeed Venture Capital working with the company’s portfolio to develop strategy projects. Her typical day at work involves meetings with clients and entrepreneurs, going through emails, and working with portfolio companies. Her base of operation is in San Francisco, but she travels from time to time for meetings with companies and entrepreneurs. To deal with the entire workload, Ashley does journaling which helps her experience some peace. It also enables her to arrange her thoughts and ideas before moving on to the next project. Learn more about Ashley Lightspeed at Bloomberg.

Ashley Lightspeed grew up around her dad, who was an architect and was intrigued by his work. She took an interest in architecture and would spend most of her free time with her dad observing him work. She even went to summer camps that trained designers and taught them accuracy before diving into building. She went to Duke University where she stumbled onto prototyping ideas for business, and she fell in love. According to her, prototyping enables her to test out different ideas before transforming them into reality. She is, however, not building prototypes but uses the knowledge when coming up with ideas for the industry. As an entrepreneur, Ashley Lightspeed believes in flexibility and ability to pivot. She says that those who evolve with the ever-changing customer needs are those that end up victorious in the industry. Ashley makes a point of keeping in touch with her old colleagues and friends to learn from them different things. She meets up with them once in a while, and they can share ideas amongst themselves.

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