Coffee lovers coast to coast often start their day the same way. The alarm clock goes off and the day begins a slow climb into the world of the awake and functional. People in homes across the country will go to their coffee pots and home brew a cup of their favorite ground java. In many cases this cup is just the beginning of a long morning that includes mass coffee consumption. The route to work probably crosses several types of coffee shops. You may stop at a nationally known chain that provides coffee with cream and sugar or you may opt for a chain that offers specialty blends and coffee varieties that include espressos, cappuccinos, cold brew drinks and regular joe. No matter what type of coffee shop you stop at you are going to find the kick that you need to get you through the doors at work. While at work you may rely heavily on whatever is brewed at the coffee vending machine or what is available for consumption in the lobby or staff lounge. What if there was a better way to go about this? What if there was a healthier option that would give you the boost that you need during the day but also provide your body the nutrients that it may be lacking as well. If you could consume a coffee that had high percentages of antioxidant properties would you drink it? Organo Gold coffee has been sweeping the country by storm with their flavorful and healthful coffee varieties. These brews are easy to make and feature many nutrients from Asian sourced mushrooms that will provide the body with vitamins and antioxidants to sustain the coffee drinker throughout their day. The added benefit to these Organo Gold coffee blends is the fabulous coffee house taste that can easily be created by adding hot water and stirring. You can take Organo Gold coffee with you anywhere and enjoy a cup of your favorite java on the go.


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From all of us at ORGANO™, we wish you a prosperous and happy new year. #TastetheGold

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