Gareth Henry is the all-stars player in the financial sector. Having received a Bachelor of Science degree in actuarial mathematics from the University of Heriot-Watt of Edinburg in Scotland, Henry was interested in finance. The field of finance perfectly combined his excellence in numbers and his passion for interaction with other people. Despite being a self-professed math geek, Gareth Henry is also exceptional at communicating with others. He is no ordinary nerd.

Upon his graduation in 2000 he got hired at Schroders, the international investment firm. He moved to the U.S, the financial hub of the world, in 2007 to work for the Fortress Investment Group LLC, a reputable hedge fund managing company. Henry proved his capabilities at the firm and became the managing director at Fortress Investment Group LLC after a short amount of time. His main strength, though, is his ability to deal with people. He is also the global head of investor relations within the company, and he is in charge of wealth and pension funds along with overlooking the insurance relations with other countries. He oversees relations on a global scale with Europe and the Middle East.


His ability to strike up a conversation with anyone, be it customers, colleagues, or even strangers, make him a rare gem. His ability to communicate investment opportunities effectively and convince people is what has made him an important asset to any firm he serves. Gareth Henry is a team player and someone who truly inspires others by his knowledge and natural charisma.

Despite his success, the finance wizard remains humble. He attributes his current status to his university education. He has set up a Gareth Henry Access Bursary to assist aspiring students at his alma mater. Not only does he provide them with financial support but also does mentoring program to share his advice and wisdom with youngsters so they can one day replicate his success.

His ability to connect with people could do with his empathic nature. Gareth Henry is a math genius, and a genius at human relations, combining these two traits have meant he is a top-class financial advisor.

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