Those who are up to date in California’s real estate scene are likely familiar with the name of Nick Vertucci, as he has made quite a bit of profit as an effective house flipper. After building his set of skill and learning real estate for himself inside and out, he started up his own academy in the hopes of lending some assistance to those who wish to replicate what he has done by teaching them his secrets. Outside of flipping houses for massive amounts of revenue, though, Nick Vertucci has also done some bit things in the world of competitive poker.

He is a veteran poker player, and his presence has shared tables with the likes of pros like Kenny Tran. Poker is something that first gripped his interest a bit before he learned about the real estate profession. Nick Vertucci had a deep finish in a California tournament back in 2004, which saw him make the top eight and earn a $7,500 payday for his performance. It is interesting to look at progression of his skill both as a successful realtor and as a tough poker player, since he was busy simultaneously learning both skills during roughly the same frame of time.

It shouldn’t be surprise that he has been able to hold his own in both endeavors, as there are many characteristics that a person must develop in order to do well in either. Firstly, Nick Vertucci has a finely honed ability to weigh the risk in front of him with how much could potentially be gained, something that has kept him in profit both in real estate and on the green felt. Secondly, developing a toughness to the massive amounts of money that are on the line is essential when it comes to making good decisions under pressure, something Vertucci knows all too well.

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