Madison Street Capital recently announced that they are the sole advisor to Sachs Capital. Madison Street Capital was excited to play a critical role in the firm’s acquisition of RMG Networks, a private account. The transaction was headed up by the Senior Managing Director Barry Petersen, according to CEO Charles Botchway.


RMG Networks, is known for it’s digital signage and hardware. Their client list consists mainly of companies that make the Fortune 100 list. Gregory Sachs, the CEO of Sachs Capital Group, mentioned in a recent press release that he was pleased to wrap up the transaction. He also made mention of the fact that Madison Street Capital was a great choice. The firm spent time learning their history, their needs, and identifying key opportunities for this transaction.


The Senior Managing Director, Barry Petersen, was also thrilled to bring the transaction to a close. He also noted in the press release that it was a great experience to have worked with the CEO of Sachs Capital, and it was a great experience working with RMG Networks. Barry Petersen believes that this transaction will allow RMG Networks to serve their clients better, now that they are armed with ample capital. Once the transaction was completed, the company was no longer traded on the New York Stock Exchange.


The Madison Street Capital reputation continues to shine as a result of this transaction with Sachs Capital. As an international investment banking firm they have worked with some of the most complicated transactions in the private equity sector.


It is evident throughout their history, as well as with this most recent transaction that the firm is committed to completing all transactions with excellence and integrity. There are numerous areas in which Madison Street Capital can serve their clients including, company valuation, corporate tax structure, mergers and acquisitions, and offering financial opinions just to name a few.


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