Everyone in Dallas knows who Stream Energy is, but what they may not know is just how important Stream Cares, their foundation for giving back really is to them. The idea that a corporation can give back is plausible, but many corporations today now see the need to launch a way to give back to the community. Several companies have been touted for their giving back to third world countries, but when hurricane Harvey hit Dallas, Stream Energy saw that the need was here in the moment.

Giving back is important and it’s admirable. However, there is another advantage for any corporation that does this. Giving back can and will help to earn the respect and loyalty of its customers. Additionally, as this model grows, it is also a way for those who may become clients in the future to focus their attention the corporation that’s giving back. Corporate giving can also become a helpful influence when something comes down the pike to influence how the community views a company’s actions. Stream Energy has no doubt become more than an energy company to the city of Dallas.

Stream Cares has been active for many years with very little publicity. Over the last twelve years, Stream Energy has been involved with some well-known organizations like The Red Cross and Habitat for Humanity. These two organizations are a few that encourage a grass roots movement, in which people from the community are helping others from the community in need. It’s a beautiful picture of how a business suddenly becomes more than about it’s product or service.

Stream Energy has always promoted their energy service through direct selling, and if people in the community didn’t notice them before, they most certainly do now. Although they offer fixed-rate energy plans, they now also offer mobile phone plans. This energy company has certainly grown, not just financially but also because they have encouraged their employees to care for others.


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