Madison Street Capital is a well-respected international banking and investment firm and has successfully arranged for a debt facility to be provided to Infinity HR while acting as the sole financial advisor for the company. Infinity HR, founded in 2008, provides human resource solutions to its customers and maintains its headquarters in Burtonville, Maryland.


Madison Street Capital CEO, Charles Botchway, made the announcement that Oak Street Funding had committed to extending the credit facility and said that the effort was overseen by MSC Senior Managing Director Barry Peterson.


A statement released by the chief executive officer of Infinity HR, Scott Smrkovski, says that the partnership with Oak Street Funding will be a boon to his company as they continue to provide valuable services to their customers as the thing preventing the company from growing to its fullest potential was the lack of capital.


Rick Dennen of Oak Street Funding, who is both the acting president and CEO of the company, says that he and Oak Street are fully understanding of the complexities of the business model operated by Infinity HR. Dennen explained that the arrangement is of great benefit to all entities involved and that an equal and joint effort between the three companies is responsible for the successful partnership.


Peterson also displayed an obvious appreciation for the deal that was made and said that Infinity HR is a provider of unique service in their industry and is perfectly positioned now to realize further growth. Peterson went on to say that that expertise possessed by Oak Stree Funding in regards to provided the needed capital to facilitate the growth of companies made the partnership between the two a perfect marriage.


About Madison Steet Capital



Madison Street Capital is a leading international banking firm that is dedicated to doing business with integrity, leadership, and excellence. Clients of MSC have benefitted greatly from the suite of services provided by the company that includes advisory services for corporate entities, expertise in mergers and acquisitions, opinions on financial matters, and services to asses value for publicly and privately operated companies.


MSC puts the needs and goals of the client first with the establishment of each new working relationship The company consider growth markets to be vital to the success of their clients and will continue to dedicate the needed amount of time and resources to develop these assets for each client to the fullest potential.


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