Brian Torchin is a medical professional who acquired his education at the University of Delaware. He is the creator and institutor of Health Care Recruitment Counselors. The main aim of HRCC is to solve staffing needs of organizations. He became familiar with this industry due to his practice and background as a doctor. His aim was to improve healthcare starting with the staff, which greatly impacted the medical industry. Read more about Brian Torchin on Glassdoor.

He is actively present on social media. He shares posts on facebook about jobs that need to be filled, mostly for nurse practitioners. This gives many in the public an opportunity to practice their skills, fill in the gap and care for the sick easily. He also takes the times to write articles related to medicine and how to connect with places in need of skilled assistants. He has been featured in publications such as the CNN who acknowledged his achievements back in 2014.

Brian Torchin saw the opportunity to expand HRCC to Asia, Canada, Europe and Australia. He realized the need for the rest of the world to benefit from his services. He has a staffing experience of 18 years, using his knowledge to help in medical staffing. Glassdoor revealed that he has created a very reliable business by opening up offices in place.

The HRCC runs background checks, trains staff and consults for other organizations. This has benefitted other companies since they are able to aid them with professionally trained employees who fill the gap. He has dedicated his time, resources and energy caring for the clients. The knowledge and skills provide comprehensible solutions to clients in need of qualified candidates.

I was impressed by the opportunities Brian Torchin gives for career consultation and search services for job seekers who are looking to apply skills in the medical sector.

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