Graeme Holm is an executive with Infinity Group Australia. He has developed a customer first approach with all clients of Infinity Group Australia. The company, under the leadership of Graeme Holm has developed a personal trainer attitude with clients. Every one who takes out a mortgage with Infinity Group Australia is given a personal finance coach.


These coaches offer clients a clearer perspective of their finances and their financial goals. All clients with Infinity Group Australia develops a financial plan to pay off their mortgage in just half the time. They do this with the aid of their personal financial advocate. The client is helped with developing a budget. The personal trainer holds the client accountable for their actions.


In other words the client must stick to the budget and stay on track with the financial plan developed when they took out the mortgage. If, the client should stray off the path the financial adviser will sit down with the client again. During this session the adviser will assist the client in adjusting the budget and creating a new financial plan.


The goals of Infinity Group Australia is to aid clients in building wealth and reducing debt. Every client is treated the same. Each will receive a financial adviser who assists them in creating a financial plan to reduce debt and grow their wealth. Infinity Group Australia boasts a one hundred percent success rate. This means all clients who take out a mortgage with Infinity Group Australia will reduce their debt, pay off the mortgage in half the time, and grow their wealth.


There are lenders throughout the wold who could stand to develop the concepts that have been developed by Graeme Holm and Infinity Group Australia. This holds true for lenders in the United States where mortgages are being foreclosed on often. If, there were lending institutions in the United States that were like Infinity Group Australia there would be fewer foreclosures and more wealthy people.


To recap Infinity Group Australia is a company lead by Graeme Holm. The company does more than lend clients money to purchase a home. The company will provide each client with a personal financial adviser. These advisers will assist clients in developing a financial plan. The client will be held accountable by the financial adviser. If, the client does not stay on track to pay off the mortgage within half the time they will need to create another budget and financial plan. Learn more :

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