OSI Industries has quickly grew their name as a leading food service provider with over a century of experience. They’re based in southern Illinois, and hail as one of the largest food network processing providers in the industry. OSI has been able to double their chicken production in the last year with a merger including the popular, Tyson Food Plant in Chicago. They’re proud to have an opportunity to bring other food service leaders to the industry. In fact, their mission has been to grow their international portfolio with assets that topple $67.2 billion dollars. Feed your family a diet they can trust with OSI.

OSI Industries Recent Business News

As many large industry food providers fight for the European food market, OSI has been able to successfully bid for their Flagship Europe food processing plant. The EU Flagship plant is one of the largest in the territory. It has been a great opportunity for the Flagship plant to experience business growth along with expanding the OSI portfolio. Organic food products offer their clients a health conscience meal that has also attracted the Dutch food industry. You never have to worry about your food contents because they adhere to the strict guidelines set forth by the food industry.

Executive Members At OSI

The OSI Industries, President, David McDonald says, he’s proud to lend over 17+ years of experience in the food industry. As a graduate of the Illinois educational system, he continues to use his skills to shape him as a business professional. He also has lended generous time and resources to many local and international charities. Enjoy a popular group of food industry experts that adhere to a stabilized food industry. He also works alongside their Chief Operating Officer, Sheldon Lavin. Join OSI Industries for a safe diet you can afford.

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