The sports world can make anyone a pretty penny if they are able to get their foot in the door. Although it is ever changing, there will always be sports fans that want to feel adrenaline rush with their favorite pro-player. Juan Perez, also known as OG, is a man who knows the business very well. Born and raised in Harlem, Perez would catch his break in 1996 when he met Jay Z.

First introduced by the co-founder of Roc-S-Fella records, Kareem Burke, to the Roc Nation icon, Jay Z, the two immediately hit it off sharing a common interest in sports. Perez and Jay Z’s bond would carry them into business together starting in 2003.

Opening a group of sports bars across New York City. The 40/40 Club was among the first opened. Their businesses would prove successful when the venture continued to expand over the next 11 years. Opening 5 more sports bars in Brooklyn, Las Vegas, Atlantic City, and Atlanta; keeping the empire growing. Perez has made it clear that making some elegant and fancy brand is not on his or Jay Z’s to do list. Not only have they opened sports bars, but they have also dove into the sports world signing six players under Roc Nation Sports.

The goal is to develop a player’s off field brand. Everyone can see how they play in a game, but people want to know what they are really like outside of the game. The more a fan knows about the player the more they can relate to them and want to see them play. Perez is therefore branding the player and marketing person behind jersey. The power due know what they are doing in this area, the passion really shines through.

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