Freedom checks have been sounding as if it is a federal program but the real story is that it is not a program run by the United States government. However, this is a tax-free opportunity for investment, and it exists only because of Statute 26-F federal law. It has enabled more than five hundred and fifty energy businesses the ability to send the free monthly or quarterly checks to those who have invested in them. These checks are known as freedom checks.

The firms that are behind are known as Master Limited partnerships. The master limited partnerships play a significant role in the oil and gas industries. The master limited partnerships operate on the refineries, drill new wells and then transportation of the fuel through the pipes. So that to qualify for this special tax exemption, the companies are required to give the investors 90 cents in every dollar that they earn.

The freedom checks resemble the dividends, but in most of the master limited partnerships refer to these dividends as “distributions.” some of the shareholders are receiving even up to even 160, 000 dollars every quarter. There have been highlights from Reuters and Motley Fool talking of the impressive gain that is being offered by these investments. The traditional securities usually pay less by 50 – 67 percent.

MLPs are not affected by income tax or shareholders from the federal government. The investors pay the small tax fee on the capital they gain after they have sold their shares. Americans have got given significant incentives from these policies, and they have invested in the sector.

The question is, why is the government allowing the master limited partnerships to avoid taxes? Nixon believes that the nation required to maintain the independence, and it has by creating more energy. Consequently, President Nixon was involved in creating a law that can reward the people who invest in the domestic oil and gas producers.

These freedom checks have a concept that encompasses some similar opportunities. So that to earn much of the dollars in every month, one will require to invest heavily. Americans can now start purchasing shares starting from $50 in spare cash. The financial guru behind these checks is Matt Badiali.

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