Ronald Fowlkes is delighted to have served his country for several years which also paved the way for his current job. He has been a marine for more than two decades and attended the Army Jump School in search of advancement. Ronald has worked in different departments in the police force including the SWAT team of the St. Luis Police Department to which he was a leader. Ronald Fowlkes has also worked for the United States military in the department of products sales where his work was crafting, advancement and delivery of gears for officers in the armed forces.


Through his work in the military, he regularly came across FirstSpear products which would be used in the development of the officer gears due to its perfect design, durability, and ability to withstand the force of the law enforcement work. After working for Eagle Industries for a while when he left the military, Ronald joined the FirstSpear organization.


At FirstSpear, Ronald Fowlkes plays the role of business development director. His work and exposure in the military enabled him to carry out his role in FirstSpear remarkably. FirstSpear works majorly with the government and its agencies such as the DOD and NATO. The products by FirstSpear include platforms like vests and chest rigs, apparel like headwear and outerwear, weapon cases, bags and packs, rifles, pistols, helmets, slings flags and IFF patches among others; all used by law enforcement workers.


His time in the military has greatly impacted Ronald’s daily life from simple things like the type of morning beverage he prefers to complex affairs like the people he keeps around him and his work ethic. Ronald Fowlkes applies innovation, talent, hard work teamwork and persistence to ensure exclusivity of their products.


Other than his work, Ronald Fowlkes spends time each day with his three children and enjoys a constant game of hokey which is his hobby despite having a tight schedule. Ronald coaches hockey teams in the Youth confederation. He is also a blogger on the medium where he mainly writes on matters to do with hokey and the National Football League.


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