In Jerusalem, through the Medical Missions program, many children have gotten to know Dr. Saad Saad. He is a well-mannered man who cares about education, health, and those in need. This man has provided free health care to the kids in this region who simply do not have the ability to pay for health care services. It is the kind of act that comes from a heart that understands the plight of needy people.


Dr. Saad Saad grew up in a humble community and a humble family who pulled themselves out of poverty over the course of many years. Every member of his family invested in education because they understood that it was the great equalizer. This was something the doctor pointed out in an interview. He mentioned that two of his older brothers are engineers and that engineering crossed his mind. The problem with this kind of career was that it required him to be outside, and Saad hates heat.


This turned his attention to surgery like two of his other siblings. He mentioned that two of his other siblings are doctors and one is a teacher. Surgery interested Saad because he figured out that surgery cannot take place outside, so he will always be in an air conditioned place. This well-known pediatric surgeon took steps to make his cool-temperature life a dream come true. First, he went to Cairo University in Egypt. It was there where he earned some of the highest marks of his entire class and his medical degree. He has held this degree for 47 years and hopes that he has a lot more years in him.


After graduating, he went to England to continue his education because he was interested in the country. There is no doubt that he loved it, but it only took him two years to know that it wasn’t home. This is what set his eyes on the United States where he became a USA Board Certified Pediatric Surgeon. The people, the opportunities, the melting-pot culture that exists in the United States felt right to Saad, which is how he decided that America would be his home.


The path to success was a hard one that could have easily derailed at any time. He knows that success is a mixture of luck and effort, which is something he’s never forgotten. There is not much he can do about improving someone’s luck, but he is definitely going to give people, especially young kids in impoverished regions like Jerusalem, the chance to work towards a better future. One way to give these kids a chance is to ensure their healthy.


He knows that ambition and upbringing can really make a difference. His own children are proof of this since two of them are now surgeons while another is a nurse and the last one is a lawyer. Learn more:

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