Where did he grow up?

David Samadi was born in Iran a Jewish community with his two siblings. However, he and his brother moved to the USA after a revolution broke. While in the USA he joined Roslyn high school for his high school education before joining Stony Brook where he pursued a Bachelor’s degree in Biochemistry. David’s passion for medicine was unstoppable, as a result, he went back to the same University in pursuit of a masters in Medicine. Later he trained at Urology at Montefiore and other institutions with a sole aim of making his skills perfect. Over the time he advanced up to robotic surgery which has led him to be named among the best doctors in the world.

What is the SMART technique that he developed?

With the rise in the number of patients seeking his help, work was becoming challenging for him. Moreover, at times the doctor used to fail in delivering to all the patients as he would want and thus he knew he had to come up with a solution. After a period of research and tests, Dr. Samadi revealed his Smart Robotic Technology. The Smart Robotic Technology is meant to assist the prolific doctor during prostate surgery. The laparoscopic prostatectomy decreases the several hours of operation to two hours and guarantees the patients that the surgery recovery time is less than 24 hours. Moreover, these “surgeons” can work on work than five patients per day as they are not prone to being tired or weak. The robots are programmed to work under instructions from the renowned urologists. In the process of the surgery, Dr. Samadi has a 3D view of body organs using Insight Vision technology which is more efficient and enables him to get a glimpse of the cancerous cells before administering a command to his “team” to remove them. With the use of Smart, Technique Dr. Samadi has performed more than 7000 open surgery.

Where does he work?

The successful surgeon first practiced his career at was Columbia Presbyterian hospital. However, over time his hard work has led to his work elevation up to being a chairperson in Lenox Hill in charge of Robotic Surgery. In the same hospital, he is in charge of all Urology treatments. Moreover, the doctor has been a health tips trainer at Fox News since 2011.

What is Dr. David Samadi TV?

This is a programme that runs on News Fox. The program which features Dr. Samadi aims at educating the viewers with health tips on prostate cancer, its causes and possible ways of preventing health cancer. It is at the same forum that the doctor brings on board some of his patients who have recovered from prostate cancer to share experiences.

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