When the 2018 Congressional Elections hit full stride, the American political world will be absolutely on fire. The 2018 elections are set to be historic in a way that we haven’t seen in decades upon decades, if ever. Donald Trump’s ascent to the top of the Republican ticket and his corresponding victory in 2016 against Democrat Hillary Clinton, even if the win comes with an asterisk, will go down in history. Still, work is just beginning for progressives who are looking to bring balance back to D.C. while helping out their base. This means that the work of End Citizens United, led by President Tiffany Muller, will be immensely important. That is why End Citizens United has made headlines for endorsing Katie Porter in her run for the CA-45 Congressional Seat.

End Citizens United is a political action committee that was created with the goal of helping to subvert the flow of dark money flooding into American politics. The name ‘End Citizens United’ refers specifically to the 2010 Supreme Court decision surrounding the conservative propaganda group, Citizens United. Citizens United lobbied the Supreme Court in order to argue that corporate donors should have the right to give money directly to politicians. The reasoning for their argument was transparent: Citizens United and the rest of the Koch-funded GOP wanted a legal way to take corporate bribes. You can draw a direct line from this decision to the degradation of the American political system which has culminated in the election of Donald Trump — a dangerous demagogue and populist who has been sold to the highest bidder.

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With all of that being said, End Citizens United is looking toward the future and that means toward helping people like Katie Porter in her election race in California. Porter is fighting for the CA-45 Congressional District and she will be going up against Republican Mimi Walters who has been bought and paid for by corporate donors. In fact, Walters is so bad about taking money from corporate donors that she made End Citizens United’s Big Money 20 list. The Big Money 20 List is a list comprised by End Citizens United in order to show which politicians have become most beholden to their corporate donors.

Katie Porter has made a stark departure from the norm that Mimi Walters and other Congressional Republicans are living with. How is she doing this? Well, Porter made it the official policy of her campaign to refuse any and all money from corporate political action committees. This is a credible turn toward the people that earned the endorsement of President Tiffany Muller of End Citizens United while also giving Porter a boost with her progressive base all throughout the state of California. With any luck, and some momentum, Porter is heading for a victory.

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