In high-tension situations, the ability to respond calmly and incorporate productive strategies is an asset. Those who demonstrate that skill set in the workforce are a credit to the often complicated inner workings of the business industry. Ronald Fowlkes, the Business Development Manager of Law Enforcement/Commercial Products for the leading provider of equipment solutions for tactical professionals (Eagle Industries Unlimited) has distinct experience in many stress-charged environments. Serving the military as a contractor for the Department of Defense along with his extensive background in tactical training, Ronald Fowlkes has put his experience to work in his current position.


Acuity is Proactive


Over a decade Mr. Fowlkes has continued to serve the community in law enforcement and has acquired new skills along the way. Exhibiting the ability and drive to instruct others on the use of tactical rifles, and other defensive tactics, are just the beginning of prowess Ronald Fowlkes has acquired and continues to share his impressive knowledge on. The quality of products he selects to develop and bring to consumers via his position at Eagle Industries solidifies a determination to provide his best to others around him. As a marine corps member and veteran of the Gulf war, dedication is a must have to survive and thrive. Ronald Fowlkes utilizes his gained expertise to translate it to proven success in various enterprises.


Beyond Merit


Promoted twice while working for the Marine Corps in the late 80’s and early 90’s, Ronald Fowlkes completed tasks involving reconnaissance and air and naval missions. He also has been a part of combat zone infantry operations. Among the list of unique skills he possesses he was required to complete roles involving post-blast analysis, evidence collection, hostage rescue and tactical questioning of captives. After being in these intensely strained environments, the volatile world of business is full of opportunities for those gifted with an unwavering aptitude to shine. Adaptability equates to survival in combat, and so the same could be said for the often times cutthroat intensity synonymous with the world of trade and commerce.


Actively Leisure


Purpose driven work seems the reoccurring theme in Ronald Fowlkes past and current occupations. And the focus is admirable. Still with that same voracity, he dedicates time to other valuable purposes. Mr. Fowlkes has also coached his son’s hockey team and continues to support and give time and attention to the hockey arena. From ensuring his company is represented by someone with a surplus of knowledge to support their high-quality products to sharing his vast knowledge with others to defend and protect, Ronald Fowlkes makes every task he performs a study in tactical precision.


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