What makes a good entrepreneur? Is it his ability to withstand challenges? Is it his ability to stand up after falling? Is it her passion to push for the product she wants to put out there? There’s no fixed rules. There’s no really set of rules that will say what makes a good business person, but read on below to learn some of the traits that increase one’s chances for success.

An Environment For Business

According to an article from The Balance, one good factor to increase one’s ability to succeed in business is to go to a place where it’s healthiest to start a business. The 2016 Global Entrepreneurship Index said that the one country where to be an entrepreneur means a lot and is given a high value is the United States. The next country that’s most healthy and conducive to business is Canada, which is then followed by Denmark and then Sweden. Taiwan is also a country that ranks next as the best place to start a business. These countries have a lot going on that are beneficial to entrepreneurs, and these include low small business taxes and a lot of incentives for small businesses.

Personality for Business

Another layer of the study that was revealed in terms of business success is personality. The article showed that not all personalities are meant for business, and not many of them offer what are demanded from a real entrepreneur. The motivation that comes with going through all the challenges has to be inside some people that can’t be found by other personalities. One such personality who always showcases what it means to succeed in business is Jose Hawilla. Check out quora to see more.

About Jose Hawilla

One thing that you should remember about Jose Hawilla is the fact that he came from Sao Jose do Rio Preto and worked as a journalist in radio and newspaper there. After learning everything in the world of journalism, he went on to climb up onto the ladder of entrepreneurship. Jose is right now the frenetic operator and owner of Brazil’s major marketing company. Being married and a father of three children also humbles him down and gives him the strength that he needs to push for his projects, including the the newspaper he bought, which is called Traffic.

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