Betsy DeVos is an example of a classic reformer. She attended Calvin College while she was a bright-eyed and enthusiastic youngster by the name of Elisabeth Prince. That’s when she decided her destiny. She would grow to become an individual who has a commitment to activism in the political realm. She’s been a big player in the political activism world for three decades and counting now. She’s been at the helm of dozens and dozens of political action committees, party groups and campaigns in general. DeVos has even served as a Michigan Republican Party chairman for a total of six years.


DeVos is an individual who cares about choice in educational matters. She does so many things to give families all over the United States access to stronger and more suitable educational openings. Educational choice is among DeVos’ biggest causes. She has a lot of knowledge that involves all different aspects of educational choices, too. She thinks that homeschooling is an appropriate path for many students these days. She thinks the same about charter schools, too.


This philanthropist has a strong understanding of achievement. She’s had quite a few accomplishments throughout her many years as a tireless political activist. When DeVos envisions achievement, she envisions happy and caring parents who can make sound decisions about their youngsters’ educational paths. She doesn’t want parents to have to be restricted by their places of residence in any way. DeVos’ idea of achievement also involves students. She wants students in the United States to have chances to thrive and reach for the stars. She doesn’t want students to ever have to settle for educations that aren’t up to par. Learn more:


Betsy DeVos was brought up in Holland, Michigan. This is a Lower Peninsula city that has a sizable Dutch population. It’s close to picturesque Lake Michigan as well. She’s an alumnus of the aforementioned Calvin College. This institution is located in Grand Rapids, a city that’s among the biggest in all of Michigan. DeVos’ husband is Dick. He has a lot in common with his wife. He’s a lot like Betsy in that his dedication to philanthropic causes runs extremely strong.


DeVos has the support of a nurturing family. She’s the mother of four children as well. Her parents were Elsa Broekhuizen and Edgar Dale Prince. Prince was the individual who was behind the creation of the Prince Corporation. He was a respected businessman.

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