One of the most sophisticated calling platforms for the nation’s prisons that has ever been devised has been rolled out, over the last 10 years, by Securus Technologies, one of the leading inmate communications providers in the country. The system, known as the Secure Call Platform, has been installed in thousands of prisons nationwide, enabling inmates to make cheap and high-quality phone calls and allowing guards and administrators to achieve unprecedented levels of security over their communication systems.


The Secure Call Platform is a VoIP-based communications technology that has been developed completely in house by Securus. Among the nation’s prison communications companies, no one has spent more on research and development nor taken out as many patents as Securus. With over 140 patents currently on its books and 90 pending, Securus has done more to innovate in the prison communication space than any other operator in the entire world.


This is in evidence when one takes a look at the incredible sophistication and effectiveness of the Secure Call Platform. With the ability to automatically monitor and record all phone conversations, including the capability to transcribe automatically text versions of every conversation that takes place over prison phone systems, the Secure Call Platform is able to actively and automatically police every conversation that takes place within the prison. This has made it exponentially more difficult for prison gangs to carry out their illicit activities, making prison a safer environment for guards, inmates and even the gang members themselves, who often attempt to misuse communications devices in order to further gang warfare within the prison’s walls.


Other features developed for the exclusive applications supported by Secure Call Platform include the ability of the system to automatically identify any banned parties or known criminals that are prohibited from communicating with prisoners within the complex. With the ability to automate all of these functions, the Secure Call Platform is allowing prison guards to focus on doing their jobs better.


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