Sussex health center understands the importance of having the right place elderly people can feel at home. The organization provides an environment full of comfort and one that arouse the intellectual and social capacity of its clients. Sussex has an academy for nurses who are trained to look after people health and social needs. While in the facility the elderly are treated to a variety of fun activities such as quizzes, music, cooking and artistic therapy. The facility has various experts who deal with physiotherapy, occupational and reflexology therapy. The meals are prepared by experienced chefs.

Sussex provides services for various neurological disorders such as motor neuron, Parkinson disease, brain injury and spinal cord lesions. The staffs in each of the facility are thoroughly trained and highly qualified. The organization provides round the clock services with the assistance of speech and language therapists. To ensure that the patients receive the best services, the organization provides further training for its staff. In the case of an emergency where a patient requires specialized care, Sussex health care has access to National Hospital for Neurology in Queens’s square, St Thomas hospital among others. The center ensures elderly people get to have better social life b allowing local clubs and college’s access to the facilities.

Sussex health care ensures that people suffering from Dementia are accommodated into the facility. The facility offers specialized care for people with dementia thereby ensuring they have the peace of mind they enhance more responsiveness toward the condition, the groups staff goes through the required training. The staff is trained to take care of each patient by providing an individual profile for everyone. This ensures satisfaction for each patient. The organization has set aside areas with various memory items, which aid the patients.

Mr. Shiraz is among the people who led to establishment of Sussex health care. Sussex provides services that are safe, effective and ensuring high standards are adhered. The board ensures the organization is run in a successful and sustainable manner while the executive team looks over business objectives. Sussex health care believes in working together as a team and with integrity. Sussex established a new facility for people with autism and problems in learning due to physical disabilities. The new facility will come equipped with, kitchen and dining area, gaming rooms and large lounging areas. The facility which will be located in Horsham West Sussex will also be equipped with modern technology.

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