USHealth Advisors markets health insurance plans for individuals, families and small businesses. The privately-held firm was started in 2009 and is a wholly-owned subsidiary of the USHealth Group. The sister company, Freedom Life Insurance, underwrites the company’s healthcare plans and additional products under USHealth Group. USHealth Advisors is mandated to sell and distribute the group’s insurance plans. The organization provides life and health insurance plans throughout the country.

USHealth Advisors operates an expansive network of sales agents. They are vetted, trained and certified. This guarantees you exceptional advisory and guidance as well as a smooth buying experience. This strategy also opens up unlimited entrepreneurial opportunities with attractive commission packages and performance bonuses. Some of the pioneering offerings include plans such as Premier Choice, Secure Advantage, Essential Health Benefit, Life Protector and Accident Protector among others.

The subsidiary is committed to paying close attention to the individual requirements of diverse clients. As a recognition of its excellence in business development, customer care, and creativity, USHealth Advisors has won numerous industry awards through the years. This includes the Stevie Awards in different categories such as Sales and Customer Service and the International Business Awards category. In aggregate, the company has brought more than fifteen awards to the group in the last five years.

The firm has also won multiple awards for its commitment to corporate social responsibility. One of the wildly popular programs was dubbed Month of HOPE, a brilliant pun representing the phrase “helping other people every day.” The project involved mobilizing unit sales leaders in rallying their local sales teams to give back to their communities through innovative ways.

The firm employs innovative strategies to identify growth opportunities and overcome the numerous challenges the industry faces. The subsidiary is at the heart of the group’s operations. It pushes the group’s products, drives sales and distribution and handles the customer care segment.

The current President and CEO of the group, Troy McQuagge, started his career at the group as the head of the subsidiary in 2010. This was shortly after the launch of the marketing unit. He has a proven record of outstanding sales and marketing prowess. His success at the marketing subsidiary earned him the top spot with the group in 2014. Check more:



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