An appealing appearance is one common headache most ladies go through. It is hard to settle for a specific hair color, a particular lipstick, or any other cosmetic when there is a social standard of how one needs to be to have that “basic look.” This comes as a challenge to the women who are willing to go beyond social boundaries, those who have the strong will of exploring. This is where Doe Deere comes in, ensuring that all the lovers of cosmetics have full satisfaction and contentment in their looks.

Doe has dedicated her entire career to share her passion for makeup through the facilitation of beauty products in her own cosmetic brand, Lime Crime. Doe Deere has earned herself the title of “Queen of Unicorns,” thanks to her daring spirit of exploring cosmetics in all shades and colors. Learn more:


With Lime Crime, people from every walk of life are given an opportunity to gain their confidence and live their dream. Doe Deere was born in Russia where she spent 17 years of her childhood before moving to New York. As a child, she had dreams of working in the music industry and followed that path as soon as she got to New York. As a musician, Doe acquired valuable skills including career marketing, something that developed a sense of appreciation for people supporting her. Additionally, Deere always had an entrepreneurial spirit from an early stage of her life. She started a business at age 13, selling temporary tattoos which was fun and a source of a little income altogether.


Today, Doe Deere is committed to pushing cosmetics to a greater level while holding on to her philosophy that cosmetics are not just meant to conceal imperfection but rather to give an individual the freedom of self-expression. She perceives beauty as something that feels right at the moment other than the cliché ‘natural’ or ‘best looking.’ Having that in mind, she took the bold step of launching her own brand of cruelty-free, magical, and colorful cosmetics. It is in 2008 that Lime Crime came about, with Doe as the founder and sitting CEO.


Lime Crime is famously known for the production of bold, pigmented cosmetics, and is anchored on Doe’s special eye for bright and conspicuous colors. With this, the company sought to offer a variety of products including nail polishes, lipsticks, and eye shadows of vivid colors. Doe started off small but grew gradually earning success on her own terms. Doe Deere finally says that it is important for a person to follow their heart and not settle for anything less than their dream.


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