Sussex Healthcare deals with a wide range of care, which are person-centered. The settings offer the perfect replica of home settings to make the patients comfortable. Sussex Healthcare is a group of companies that render nursing care and home-based services in Sussex. The group deals with mostly learning disorders, neurological conditions, Dementia, brain injuries and Alzheimer mostly for old people.


Sussex Healthcare care homes have been in operation for over 30 years providing healthcare services in Sussex, United Kingdom. As a group, they have operations in 20 homes, most of which are in West Sussex area, a minority in East Sussex and one in London. These homes have a placement capacity of over 600 which incorporates the provision of specialist care and care for the older people.

Awards and Recognition

The group is famed for it’s updated and technologically advanced methods, all aimed at making patients lives better as well as their overall well being. In 2002 Sussex Healthcare was accredited by Health Quality Service (HQS) which was followed by reaching the Investors in People standard in 2003. Two years later, the company was ISO 9000:2000 certified for attaining the required standards in quality management systems. It is worth noting that it is the first home care group in the UK to be accredited by both the ISO 9000:2000 and HQS.

Services Rendered

Furthermore, Sussex Healthcare offers the following service; daycare, sensory rooms, a special gymnasium with a professional, respite care, pools specified for hydrotherapy, physiotherapy amongst other holistic treatment services. These are offered by a dedicated and loyal team of employees who have been keenly placed to cater for the needs of each home. The staff covers and performs training in homes so as to improve the quality of healthcare.

It is important to note that all the above efforts are based on the mission of Sussex Healthcare. The group believes providing the best quality of healthcare services so as to help individuals live a better and comfortable life. To achieve this goal, the group employs the best and equips them in all areas of work. Through this, the best practices are given to the patients, and the targeted outcomes are achieved.

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