The political and business influence of investor and entrepreneur George Soros has placed him among the most influential and wealthy people in the United States of America and around the world as well. Due o his enormous wealth, Mr. George Soros is currently among the richest living people and learn more about George Soros.

Over the course of his life and career, Mr. George Soros has been pushing towards a goal that albeit farfetched, I still very much worth striving towards. The notion of an open society has been a large part of the way Mr. George Soros sees the world. His political views fall into the category of the Liberals as he has been trying to prompt people towards understanding and acceptance while trying to reduce discrimination and prejudice and read full article .

In order to support and expand upon his actions, Mr. George Soros created the Open Society Foundation. The organization is a network that extends over the entire world. The Open Society Foundation has the goal of uniting the liberal organizations from all around the globe. Together, they help establish better places and communities that are safer and more accepting of minorities. This ideology has been since Mr. George Soros since his years at the London School of Economics where he studied after he left Hungary and settled with his parents and siblings in England. The concept of the open society was first coined decades before Karl Popper popularized the concept in one of his books. Mr. George Soros become heavily influenced by that book as well as by the teachings of the philosopher and George Soros’s lacrosse camp.

After Mr. George Soros had finished his studies, he sent a few years working in a variety of baing establishments in London. He took the plunge and moved to the United States of America where he settled in New York City. Mr. George Soros started working on Wall Street, opening his first hedge fund. His wealth and business expertise grew rapidly. Eventually, Mr. George Soros got a business partner and transformed his hedge fun into a large corporation called Soros Fund Management and follow him

Up to date, Mr. George Soros is a strong supporter of political campaigns and a vast number of charities and foundations. During the presidential elections for 2016, Mr. George Soros showed his support for Hilary Clinton. Mr. George Soros states that her views are the closest to his dream of an open society unlike the narrow-minded and prejudiced believes of Donald Trump. Mr. George Soros directed millions towards Hilary Clinton and her candidacy. When she was not elected, Mr. George Soros vowed to double his efforts and to not allow Donald Trump to change constitutional rights and hurt minorities over the four years of his presidency. Mr. George Soros stated that Trump would harm America and that he will fight against it.

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