According to the article on Affiliate Dork, a trip to the office of the dentist could look easy for a patient, but it’s a complicated issue for doctors. What appeals most patients, is the access to the excellent professional service, but dentists should perform administrative duties as well as perform nonclinical tasks. MB2 Dental is a provider of practice management that lets the professionals concentrate on professional care and dentistry. The innovative company has just finished its Owner’s Retreat, which occurs twice a year, where 40 dentists with similar opinions and their wives had fun four memorable days in the Mexican city called Cancun.

The motivating force behind MB2 Dental, a dentist-owned company, focusing on personal growth, support, autonomy as well as enjoying together comes from Dr. Chris Villanueva, its founder. Villanueva said that retreats are important to their culture in the company. The setup of the business is promoting the friendship of dentist-to-dentist that helps each doctor improve one another, personally and professionally.

The founding principle that Villanueva, MB2 Dental Solutions’ CEO, relies on is supporting his theory that doctors could assist one another in accomplishing more together than working as independent dentists. Villanueva’s attentive leadership comprises over 78 affiliates as well as 533 workers in six states as MB2 assists dentists in running successful practices respecting their need for work-life balance that’s healthy in a system of their fellow practice owners. Sustaining an active practice allows Villanueva to implement his concept of promoting the greatest of corporate dentistry and sole-practitioner industry sides.

According to Blogwebpedia, Chris Villanueva, Doctor of Dental Surgery founded MB2 Dental Solutions in 2009. Although MB2 isn’t the only or the first network of dental practice management in the country, it’s taking a different kind of approach from its competitors. The dental practices are known to be uninspired, bland or drab; most of the dental practice is falling into that trap.

When Villanueva became a dentist, the practice options were plain; dentists might join a practice of a large group or launch their private practice. Both options had challenges; practices of large groups could have greater technology access but fell prey to corporatism and bureaucracy that can stifle a dentist requiring to make changes to the existing state of affairs. Private practices could come with clinical autonomy usually demanding business savvy and attention of the owners. Mb2 provides a model offering an advantage of enjoying the two options.

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