Norman Parttiz has selected Norman Lear to host a show known as All of the Above which is aired weekly. Norman Parttiz is the CEO of Podcast One. Lera is well known for the transformations that he brought on American television. He is well experienced in producing, writing and directing legendary sitcoms. His long-time friend, Paul Hipp, will join him for the weekly broadcast. Paul Hipp is a skilled actor and composer. Learn more:

Norman Lear is responsible for managing the conversations of listeners. He is also charged with running programs that entails politics, social issues, and comedy. He will also host some of the celebrities such as Jerrod Carmichael and Julia Louis-Dreyfus. Some of the topics that are covered include the talents that Louis-Dreyfus’s son has developed in basketball. Other topics are religion and the role of media. Podcast introduced news episodes which captivate the listeners. The programs are suitable for the general public.

Norman Lear has obtained a lot of experience and built on his talent. The 95 years old producer and writer has hosted more than 100 shows. He established People for the America Way. The group has 300,000 dedicated members. President Clinton recognized his contribution in media through an award known as National Medal of the Arts. He visited 50 states within 10 years with the aim of bringing Declaration of Independence to the public.

Norman Pattiz is the founder and Executive Chairman of Podcast One. He has earned a lot of experience and skills in radio syndication for more than 40 years. He is also the founder of Westwood One. The firm became a famous news station due to the accomplished leadership of Norman Pattiz. The station is prominent in sports, and entertainment. In 2010, he established Entertainment group with the need to provide quality programs to the public. He later founded Podcast One to fill the gap of audio-on-demand services in 2012.No investor was interested in exploiting the industry.

President Clinton nominated Pattiz to be a member of Broadcasting Board of Governors in the year 2000.He was reappointed to the same position when President Bush took over the presidency of the USA in 2002.He was responsible for producing radio and television services in the Arabic language. The services were targeted at 22 countries in the Middle East. He started Farsi Language Broadcasting which provides services to over 40 million people weekly in Iran. Pattiz has received various awards for the services that he has provided for the country. Giants of Broadcasting Award is one of the many awards he has received. Learn more:


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