Health care has always been one of the most important aspects of the human life. Over the years, the sector has grown to be a dominant force in the global market. The world population has grown at an unexpected high rate. Therefore, there is always the need to build more hospitals, and manufacture more drugs so that health complications within the population can be contained and handled in a quality manner. Jim Tananbaum, one of the fastest growing capitalist in the health sector leads the way in this case. He has founded various pharmaceuticals and healthcare investment firms such as Foresite Capital.

His huge 25 years’ experience has steered Foresite Capital to grow and become a global brand. In particular, Foresite Capital is estimated to have over $1.1 billion in assets. Jim Tananbaum managerial skills and expertise in entrepreneurship has made his company expand globally, says His great commitment to building the healthcare sector was recognized by the Forbes, since he was included on this year’s Forbes’ list of top 100 capitalists who are dominant and prosperous in the world market.

Among other companies, he founded Geltex Pharmaceuticals which was highly successful when introducing its two products in the market. Currently, the drugs have dominated the global market by generating over $ 1 billion in revenues. He was the CEO of NASDAQ which registered a market cap of over $2 billion. Some of the companies that have benefited from Jim’s effort are Jazz Pharmaceuticals and the Ameri group, claims

His experience and exposure have made him be included in several advice-giving boards and visiting committees. He is a renowned strategist with an ambition to change the health sector. According to, over 78 health institutions, both large scale and small scale have benefited from his efforts. As a capitalist in the area of health, he sees a future of quality health care provision. Some companies like GelTex have registered sales of over $1.6 billion under his management and advisory.

His clear commitment is seen by his educational success and professional consistency. His drive, determination, ambition, and goodwill remain unshaken as he believes it would change the health sector for a better future. Visit his website:

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