Securus is a prison technology company based in America. Georgia. The CEO and the Chairman of the company is Richard Falcone who assumed the position in 2008. The Company provides services in Enterprise Software, Analytics and Information Technology. It is highly relied up on for detainee communications, government information and parolee tracking. Securus Technologies has over 1000 employees and serves 2,600 correctional facilities and over one million inmates throughout the U.S and Canada.


Securus was founded in 1986 and headquartered in Dallas, Texas. The company has other regional offices in Texas, Allen, Carrollton, and Atlanta, Georgia. It focuses in providing specialized needs to the law enforcement sector. It is the leading provider of criminal justice technology solutions that are used for investigation, monitoring and corrections for public safety.


As at July 2016, the company reported that it had invested more than $600millions in patents, technologies, and acquisitions within a span of three years. In June 2007, Securus acquired an award in the international brand leader for the Offender Management Systems in the U.S.


It is Securus that was the first technological company to introduce contraband cell phones system control. More than five correctional facilities approved the system. The company partnered with Harris Corporation in 2016 to come up with the Cell Defender technology. The company has also come up with Wireless Containment Solution so that mobile networks do not connect to contraband cellphones.


Every week, Securus develops a product or a service to help in law enforcement. According to the Company CEO, Richard, the company puts safety first in whatever they do in ensuring the safety of inmates, their families, and parolees.


Customers Comments on Using Securus Technology

Different companies and correctional facilities that have used Securus technology products and services have given positive comments. Prison and jail officials in the U.S have sent letters and emails of appreciation to Securus acknowledging the efficiency of their products and services.


One company acknowledged of how Securus technology helped them to retrieve cellphone information from their corrupt staff member. This information helped them to obtain a warrant for the staff. Another correction facility acknowledged on how they used a call to monitor drug selling, use of alcohol and drugs in the facility. They were also able to monitor threats, money transactions, and a civilian who admitted to having sold prescription drugs at a discount.


Another company appreciated the technology for its help in revolutionizing the incarceration environment. The technology has also helped them in improving public safety in their jurisdiction. Securus investigative tools have helped in investigations of cases such as harassment or threat to the community. Securus software such as LBS software and Investigator Pro together with other law enforcement resources have helped Sherrif’s department to recover millions of illegal assets, cash, and drugs.


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