When it comes to dating apps there are more than a dozen popular apps that men and women take interest in. When Whitney Wolfe entered the dating app world for the first time she would become one of the co-founders of what is now known as one of the most popular dating apps. Tinder was the company that she became a part of in her early twenties.

When she departed from Tinder several years ago it was obvious that this was an industry that she helped grow. Whitney Wolfe had a background in the clothing industry because she started a clothing company called Tender Heart while she was in college. She also had a non-profit organization that she started called the Help Us Project. She knew about other areas of business that she could have ventured into after leaving the wildly successful Tinder app that she helped create.

Coincidentally, she was still aware of what was going on with dating app industry because she had become accustomed to having an inside track on what it was like to be part of a dating app company. She knew that there were a lot of disgruntled women that were looking for something that was different from what was out there. Whitney Wolfe would use the overwhelming disappointment of millions of single women that felt that they not in a place to make the type of timely decisions that they wanted to about dating online. The Bumble app would be the time sensitive app that she started because she wanted to build a different type of platform that women could become excited about.

Whitney Wolfe has work with other women to create Bumble, and that changes the entire perspective of dating. She is even promoting her brand by selling merchandise through the website.

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