It is described as one of the leading organizations in the provision of the civil and criminal justice solution technology which benefits the correctional facilities as well as the nations in the public safety, corrections, investigations, and monitoring. Ever since our foundation, we have been delivering quality services and products to correctional facilities all over the United States. We have been working continuously to see that we develop new products every month for the benefit of the nations as well as the world’s security. We have been receiving numerous comments and appreciations through emails, letters, and telephone calls from our happy clients all over the United States of America.  Some of the emails and letters are listed below.

  • One of our customers mentioned that our investigation tools have been of great benefit for their correctional institutions, as it has been assisting them to conduct research as well as deal with harassment issues.
  • Our LSB Software has been appreciated by one customer, and they said in unification with other law departments the software has helped in the reduction of counter fate goods.
  • Some clients who have been using our services for decades mentioned that the y are the best services they have ever received and that they will continue to use for the sake of the national security.
  • An inmate conversation with their family will be of great help and will act as evidence in court as mentioned by one of our clients.

Securus Technologies is a leading organization in the correctional industry, and we have our headquarters in Dallas Texas. Ever since our creation we have been expanding, and we are currently serving more than 35000 correctional facilities in Northern America, and distributing their products and services to more than 1200000 prisoners. We continue to offer the best services to our customers.


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