George Street Photo and Video Locations

George Street Photo and Video is a company that specializes in wedding photography. Services are available in numerous George Street Photo and Video Address, including Orlando, Florida and Washington, D.C., Virginia For anyone planning a beautiful southern wedding, George Street provides wedding and engagement photo and video services in some of the most beautiful areas […]

Oncotarget – Your Cancer Information Center

Oncotarget is a medical journal published by Impact Journals. It carries in it peer-reviewed information on matters of cancer, an illness that is taking the lives of people left-right-and-center. Cancer is a deadly illness, terminal to say the least. Any information giving a lead to better chances with cancer is much appreciable. Oncotarget is there […]

End Citizens United PAC- The Leader in Campaign Finance Reforms

End Citizens United Political Action Committee started out in March 1st 2015. The Committee is sponsored by grass root donors. The committee aims to fight the effects of the Supreme Court ruling on the case of Citizens United, and to reform the campaign finance system. The committee has declared war on billionaires who try to […]

Why the Rapid Upsurge in the Number Of Kabbalah Followers?

Although Kabbalah Centre was founded way back in 1922, it is only in the past years that it has attracted interests from Hollywood celebrities. Madonna was the first famous Hollywood star to join the Jewish Mysticism. She was so much interested in it to the point of investing heavily in studying the Jewish tradition. Years […]