Matt Badiali is an investor in the United States. He works with Banyan Hill Publishing as a senior editor and financial analyst. In 2018. Matt Badiali became a prominent figure in the financial industry after he introduced a unique investment strategy known as Freedom Checks. This strategy has the potential to change the lives of investors since the returns to be made through this idea are way better than normal investments in stock markets. Badiali has introduced this idea at a time when there is a lot of skepticism in the financial market. With the number of scams going up significantly, many investors are interrogating programs before investing.

The Freedom Checks idea was first faced with misinformation. Some people said that it was a government program that would give free money to the citizens. However, this was not true since the program has no links with the government. It is a free program that is implemented independently. It has no association with the government.

Freedom Checks is a lucrative idea because the companies involved do not pay taxes like other businesses. Freedom Checks Versus Trump Bonus Checks.They pay less in taxes because the government wants to promote the role they play in the economy. These companies deal with exploration and processing of minerals found locally in the United States. The government wanted to promote their operations as a way of increasing employment opportunities and utilization of local resources. The Congress passed legislation that allows these companies to pay less tax in return for huge pay to investors and generating 90 percent of the revenue from local operations.

Freedom Checks is a program that will help many people who are struggling to make investments that reward well. It is a good retirement plan since it pays huge returns. Matt Badiali has described this program as one that has potential to make one attain financial freedom. He brought this program because he realized that numerous average investors are looking for investment opportunities but they cannot find any. Badiali has done the research and has proof that this idea works. He adds that there are only 568 companies in the United States that fall under the Master Limited Partnerships category.

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Popular television and radio personality Ryan Seacrest is the force behind a variety of highly successful projects. He is a producer, host, philanthropist, entrepreneur and more.

Most recently, Ryan Seacrest has been co-hosting “Live” with Kelly Ripa on a permanent basis. “Live” is an Emmy winning morning talk show airing on ABC.

Ryan’s entrepreneurial instincts have been key to his success. He strategically invests in a variety of media and entertainment companies including Pinterest, Headspace, and IRL YouTube.

Ryan is involved in a number of philanthropic activities, primarily focused on helping young people. As the chairman of the Ryan Seacrest Foundation, Ryan has opened media centers at children’s hospitals nationwide. Giving sick children access to media centers to express and empower themselves is a goal of the Ryan Seacrest Foundation. There are ten of these media centers, known as Seacrest Studios, nationwide. Ryan’s goal has always been to inspire America’s youth.

Ryan is a force to be reckoned with in the world of radio. Ryan’s radio program “On Air with Ryan Seacrest” tops the market as the number one nationally syndicated top forty radio program.

Ryan also works as a producer, and his production company Ryan Seacrest Productions has launched a number of successful shows including “Keeping Up with the Kardashians”. He holds the role of both producer and host of “Dick Clark’s Rockin’ New Year’s Eve with Ryan Seacrest”.

Ryan has also made inroads into the fashion world with Ryan Seacrest Distinction. The phenomenally successful Ryan Seacrest Distinction is a menswear collection available exclusively at Macy’s. Ryan will branch out into skincare with a new line called Polished by Dr. Lancer. Dr. Harold Lancer is a well-known dermatologist in Hollywood. Ryan also endorses Ford and Coca-Cola products.

Ryan’s many strengths have made him a force to be reckoned with both on and off the air. His many talents and great instincts have made him a hugely influential figure in entertainment, media, and beyond.

In today’s world, e-commerce platforms are rapidly growing, and this is as a result of The culture of people to purchase things online. One of such platforms is, An e-commerce platform that is one of the largest in China. This platform is owned by one Richard Liu Qiangdong, who is reported to have a net worth of 11 billion dollars by Forbes.

The birth of a great company began back in 1998 when Richard Liu Qiangdong started as an entrepreneur selling products such as CD-ROMs. Life is not easy at the beginning of The sales went up in 2003, and this was when Richard Liu Qiangdong was fascinated with the idea of starting an online business which eventually blossomed. The name refers to the name jingdong, which is a reference to Mr. Richard Liu’s First name and the name of his girlfriend too.

Richard Liu came from a family of entrepreneurs, and he spent most of these times working in the business of his parents which helped him not sure his entrepreneur skills. Over the years, allowing him to manage and expand it simultaneously. In fact, by June of 2017, Walmart became a shareholder of increasing its stake in the company to around 12%. It was a mutual benefit between Walmart and so that Walmart could have its reach in China.

In 2003, Richard Liu had expanded to around 12 stores. It was quite sufficient for his stuff and customers. However, during this year that was an outbreak that forced the staff and customer to remain in their houses. It was one of those moments that threatened the future of As a result, Richard Liu was forced to reconsider his business model, and that is when he thought of closing all these physical stores and investing in an e-commerce platform where he could Supply quality goods alongside electronics at the comfort of his home.

In 2014, had its break Quinn a social media platform agreed to promote it on its Network which busted around 1 billion monthly active users. A few months later, the company went public in one of the most significant floods of the year in the US. However, has a rivalry with because these are the two biggest Chinese e-commerce platforms in the world today.

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Matt Badiali combined a career in geology with one in investments. He is very astute because he applied his knowledge about precious metals and mining to the fast-paced world of main street investments. This led to a career in giving advice about investing in natural resources. In addition, this expert knows about the fields of agriculture and solar energy.

This entrepreneur has both a Bachelor of Science and master’s degree in geology. He attended the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill and almost finished his Ph.D. Before entering the financial business, Matt Badiali worked for the Lemenze Environmental Drilling Company.

Matt Badiali worked his way up the financial ladder. He worked on oil rigs and during his studies, visited old mines. He has extensive travel experience, visiting mining and geological sites all over the world. He often spoke at geological conferences too. He created an investment publication on natural resources called the Stansberry Resource Report before joining Florida’s Banyan Hill Publishing in 2017.

The experts at Banyan Hill Publishing write many investment newsletters and sells them to their 200,000 subscribers. At Banyan Hill, Matt Badiali works as an expert in natural resources, including oil production and farming. He shares his expertise in the company’s newsletter. Badiali gives tips to new and experienced investors alike, allowing them to make their own stock purchases based on careful research and analysis. Badiali’s newsletter is called the Real Wealth Strategist. He meets with other famous natural resource professionals to find the best advice to give his subscribers.

In addition to all his research, Badiali began a financial program called “freedom checks,” known as payouts and tax savings to investors. An initial investment in energy corporations is needed, along with a short-term partnership with a company.

Matt Badiali has Facebook and Twitter pages. He comments on various markets, like fossil fuel companies, copper shortages, gold, renewable energies, electric cars, pork, marijuana and the effects of US embargos on investments. He also writes a blog on the Banyan Hill Website, Articles can also be found on the Crunchbase website and on

ClassDojo is used by about 17% of students daily in households of children under the age of 14 and that number is growing. The educational communication app is changing the way we look at the teacher, parent, and student connection for the better.

Who Is ClassDojo?

Launched on June 1, 2011, ClassDojo is headquartered in the San Francisco Bay Area of California. It’s founders Liam Don and Sam Chaudhary have grown this communication platform developing ground-up change by creating community. It currently 35 highly skilled and dedicated employees. They currently have over 70,000 twitter followers and over 90,000 Facebook followers with those numbers growing daily.

What Is ClassDojo?

An app for teachers, parents, and students to empower themselves by creating a positive culture within their classrooms and schools. This tool transforms the classroom into a community with a culture of striving for enrichment. From individual, group, and team challenges students are recognized and awarded for their growth.

Communication Is Key

This app connects and allows the three elements (teacher, student, parent) to reciprocate the ebb and flow of communication concerning school experiences via:







Teacher Power

They work as a team for the upliftment of the student throughout the school day. Teachers can construct a positive classroom culture that families can plug into and take a part in. With a powerful tool known as the Toolkit that offers teachers:



*Group Maker

*Noise Meter


*Think Pair Share



Classroom Families

You have the ability to view a secure feed that is only for the families of that particular classroom. You’ll be in the know in regards to activities, field trips, and events. Captions can be translated into over 35 languages making the community stronger and more diverse.

The Power Of Digital

From digital newsletters to eradicating face to face parent-teacher meetings. ClassDojo is slated to bloom into 2 in 3 schools very soon. In a little over six years, ClassDojo has notified it’s investors that they will be making it’s first paid offering.

ClassDojo is powerfully upgrading the next iteration of educational culture to a more streamlined digital one.

Neurocore has based its root as deep and as far as the study of Neuroscience began. The programs they use and protocols they follow to facilitate most of their activities, like any other scientific research institute, is based on the findings and research of their respective founding fathers. The 18 century witnessed remarkable and significant inputs to the study and understanding of the human brain. Alessandro Volta and Luigi Galvani, considered as the forefathers of modern bioelectric and electrophysiology, we’re two Italian scientists who laid the foundation for Neuroscience. In his frog experiments, Galvani realized that the brain used electrical impulses to communicate with the rest of the body, well in his case, the frog’s legs. His experiments and research were proven by Volta in 1800. This was what we understand today as electroencephalogram, EEG. See more information about Neurocore at

Neurocore and EEG.

Electroencephalogram uses small non-invasive technology, electrodes, to study the brain by detecting electrical activity within it. The test is usually done by placing small electrical disks about the scalp and detecting brain activity, usually electrical impulses since that’s what the brain communicates with. One of the earlier applications of EEG was detecting or diagnostic tests for epilepsy. In Neurocore, EEG is used, together with qEEG (quantitative electroencephalogram), to study analysis and sometimes detect injury or damages in the brain. Neurocore uses its findings to help reduce sleep disorders, improve or enhance mental acuity and, reduce and manage stress amongst children five years and above and adults.


Other programs that are utilized by Neurocore to understand and possibly treat the human brain including but not limited to neurofeedback, Heart rate variability training (HRV), autonomic nervous system disorders and regulations (ANSDR), and attention tests. Neurocore combines most of this fields to come up with the best way forward for their patients. It combines neurofeedback and HRV to help their patients strength the mind and body connection. A state that allows the body and the mind become one through combining regulated breathing patterns and with the subconscious brain retraining. It also uses neurofeedback and neurotherapy to study and provide a remedy for ADHD. This disorder causes, among other symptoms, sleep disorders, issues to do with vision, anxiety and learning disabilities. With Neurotherapy, Neurocore has been able to successfully reduce the effect and symptoms of the disorder in their patients. Follow Neurocore on Twitter.

Talos Energy is a Energy, oil and gas company that serves the greater Houston, Texas region. The company was founded on New Year’s of 2012 by John Parker, John Harrison, Stephen E. Heitzman and Timothy Dunkin. The funding status of Talos Energy Company is IPO and they employ 250 staff members. This independent oil company consists of a management union that has an accumulative half century worth of experience and exploration and production. Their ability to acquire and develop deep water assets in the Gulf of Mexico has made them the go-to company within their industry. Talos Energy’s use of cutting edge and innovative technologies has kept them ahead of the curve. This team of individuals at TE also worked together prior to the formation in 2012. During this time they successfully built and sold 2 oil and gas companies, building the foundation for Talos Energy’s establishment. A federation guided by Talos Energy is aiming to form a partnership with the Mexico energy company Pemex. The formation of this partnership is contingent on more drilling and oil being discovered however. Both companies have been partaking in projects that she would confirm the union by next year. The success of this deal will consist of shared data information so that both companies may progress with their final and last decision. Mexico has been in a production slump for over a decade and is looking for companies like Talos to assist in producing increasing amount of barrels at a rapid pace. During September of 2018, Talos was granted funding for a project in which $325 million will be spent on drilling new ground. Drilling for this new project is geared to start by November’s end. By the year 2023, Talos estimates between 100,000 and 150,000 barrels will be corralled daily.

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Panos Gikas is a medical consultant in London. He works with England’s National Health Service and specializes in orthopedic surgery and replacements. He takes care of patients with cancer, bone tumors, sarcoma or general trauma. Panos Gikas can fix many skeletal problems. He can take care of hips, knees, shoulders, cartilages, and elbows. He can replace joints or fix them. He works on bone and soft tissues and even does stem cell replacements for cartilages. He works quickly and efficiently, making sure patients stay under anesthesia for the least amount of time.


Panos Gikas is a brilliant researcher too. He is part of a research team that uses a new non-invasive laser scan called the Spatially Offset Raman Spectroscopy (SORS). It detects osteoporosis and brittle bone disease without using x-rays, medical history, and genetic testing. This results in earlier diagnosis and treatments, making pain relief quicker and easier.


Panos Gikas is a very educated man. He holds both an MD and a Ph.D., earned in London. He is an honorary lecturer at the UCL Dept. of Physics. He practices at Britain’s Royal National Orthopedic Hospital and has a private practice at the Spire Bushey Hospital/Diagnostic Centre. Panos Gikas speaks Greek and English.


In October 2018, The Irish News featured Panos Gikas and his tips for managing arthritis, including rheumatoid, osteoarthritis and arthritic repetitive injuries. He advises sufferers to participate in moderate exercise for healthy bones and muscles. Weight must be maintained by eating healthy foods. Plus, injuries must be treated immediately to avoid further damage.

Sunday Riley is growing in popularity because it makes ingredients such as retinol that can be scary for many people not so scary. Retinol and many other ingredients can do more harm than good if not used correctly and that is why so many people tend to avoid them altogether. But when used the right way they can work wonders for your skin.

Ingredients such as vitamin A can cause your skin to become red and quite raw, and that is a scary concept, but when it comes in a fun package such as Luna, a product by Riley, it is much less intimidating. Sunday Riley offers many different products that are very beneficial to your skin and body and comes in fun packaging that you can feel good about using. Luna Sleeping Night Oil is a potent treatment that works, and it gets its color from blue tansy oil. The bottle that it comes in is pretty enough to keep on your nightstand, and the name is even fun.

A bottle of Luna Oil costs $105 for one ounce but it is also a very high-end product, and you get what you pay for. If you want the best, you are going to have to pay for it. And despite the huge price tag, there are many who can’t get enough of the stuff. Sunday Riley products have given many clients their confidence back because the products work and they make your skin healthier, so you don’t need to use products that cover up your flaws such as foundation. Your skin will be healthier, look better, and will feel better.

Sunday Riley is a product formulator as well as a cosmetic chemist. She has worked on developing skincare products for years and has worked very hard to create products that are satisfying and that do what they are supposed to do. Most people don’t love the skin care products that they use but they continue to use them because they don’t know of a better product to use. And compared to many other products, hers are quite affordable.

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Companies excel for many years by learning from past mistakes. Once they correct these mistakes, they can grow and gain a substantial following from the public. It is not easy today to survive in the market because there is a lot of competition that is why there is the need for a company to hire the right individuals who can help when it comes to making important decisions for the company. The leadership of a company is crucial for it to become successful. Companies that have firm leadership like Fortress Investment Group are experiencing exponential growth. Randal Nardone is one of the individuals who have been working day and night to make the company successful. It is through the strong leadership of entrepreneurs like Randal Nardone that Fortress Investment Group has achieved its goals.

Randal Nardone has been featured in different articles and various forums like the Wall Street Journal. Randal Nardone contributed a lot to make the deal between Fortress Investment Group and SoftBank Group successful. It is one of the best deals landed by Fortress Investment Group since it started. SoftBank is a telco firm which has expanded its services throughout the world. Such deals cannot be achieved without the guidance of people like Randal Nardone who have been making the right decisions. He has the right skills, and he is experienced in dealing with asset management. He is a humble person who likes working with others as a team. Employees at Fortress Investment Group are happy to work with him.

His role at Fortress Investment Group has enabled the company to build affiliations with others like Intrawest, Nationstar Mortgage, New Residential Investment, RailAmerica and Aircastle among others. His success in investment has made him be featured in Forbes whereby he joined the list of top billionaires in the world. At Fortress Investment Group, he serves as a founder and director. He is also a principal at the investment company. He has been actively running the company since they started the firm in 1998. That is why his contributions are immense since he saw the company when it was starting from scratch to the point where it has become reputable around the world.

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