Herbalife Nutrition is worldwide multilevel Marketing Corporation that produces, sells and markets dietary supplements, sports nutrition, and personal care and weight management products. The company was founded in 1980 by Mr Mark Hughes and worldwide it employs over 6000 people. The firm is incorporated in the Cayman Islands, but its headquarters are situated in Los Angeles California. The business operates through a network of independent distributes and it serves 94 countries across the world.

Herbalife’s products include weight loss products, protein shakes, sports hydration products, teas, protein bars, aloes, energy drinks and vitamin-rich products. Other products of Herbalife includes skin care products, digestive health and cardiovascular health products, vegetarian products, allergen-free products and halal food products. The company’s best-selling product is the Formula 1 protein shake which is a replacement shake for a soy-based meal. The product debuts 30% of the total sales for the company.

In 2016, Herbalife Nutrition had a net sales of $4.488 billion which were an improvement as compared to the previous year. Many investors prefer the company as it performs excellently. The nutrition company is gaining publicity and ought to improve its services to satisfy its customers who are widely distributed in the world. Fluctuations in currency are a blow and a worry to the company. In 2019, there is a strong bull run and will the company sustain the race?


There are some factors which are affecting the performance of the company. One of the factors is the steady growth in stocks. Last year the volume points of the company advanced by 15 % and reached 1506.9 million which was beyond the projections of the company’s management. This was the second highest volume points recorded by the company, and it was the performance expectation of the company.

This year the management of the company ought to do something and revive the outstanding performance which the company has been recording since ever. This can be enhanced if it gives a chance to world-class investors to venture into the business and ensuring proper planning and management and by so doing the company will make it to its scope in 2019.

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Whether a woman has long or short hair, her desire is always for it to be healthy looking and well kept. Most women buy a collection of products to keep their hair in the best shape possible. Hair care experts suggest that it is important to use products that are compatible with one another for the best results.

WEN hair care line, offered by Chaz Dean is a collection of hair care products that was developed in his Hollywood Studio, where many stars come for private beauty service. The basis of WEN is a 5 in 1 cleansing conditioner. This is not a shampoo. It lacks sulfates and so will not lather. It will cleanse and moisturize your hair. 5 in 1 Cleansing Conditioner replaces shampoo, conditioner, detangler, leave in conditioner and deep conditioner. See;

WEN does offer additional hair care products that complement this universal product. In the basic WEN hair care collection there is leave in mousse to boost your style. It has no sticky, scaly, flaky residue. There is also a styling gel that is especially good to protect hair that undergoes heat treatment. Another product offered in the WEN basic package is a spa treatment for damaged hair. This treatment, Re Moist Intensive Hair Treatment is recommended as a weekly application to help repair split ends and give deeper shine. The deluxe WEN kit offers the basic kit plus a straightening smoothing gloss and a replenishing treatment mist.

Eliminate damaging products by ordering directly from WEN all the hair care you will need for beautiful hair. Many of the products include sweet almond oil as well as herbal and floral extracts. There are a number of fragrances offered by WEN. The products are made in the United States and Canada and they are not tested on animals. WEN is good for all. Check out Wen on Facebook.

Before inking her Ashley Lightspeed deal and making her partnership official, Ashley Brasier was thinking of starting her own company that would help startups find their foothold in the ever competitive business environment. As a kid, Ashley and her dad (who was a seasoned architect at the time) would spend countless hours working on his prototypes. At that point, she even thought she was going to take after her dad.

But that wasn’t going to happen since she chose a completely different road. But first, she had to start her journey of discovery by joining Bain as a consultant. After a few years of being a consultant, Ashley Brasier left and joined thumbtack. She also left thumbtack a few years later opting to go back to school.

To learn more about Ashley Lightspeed visit on Crunchbase.

While at Stanford GSB, Ashley heard all about the Lightspeed Venture Partners and it was at that point that she took the plunge, officially starting the Ashley Lightspeed partnership that eventually allowed her to explore her talents to the maximum. She even had to abandon her dream of starting her own business, that’s until the unforeseeable future.

The company has so far helped about 300 startups become commercial successes, some of which are as a result of the Ashley Lightspeed partnership. The later only goes to show that Ashley Brasier is a natural. And to make matters even better, Lightspeed Venture Partners also offered her with the auspicious opportunity to team up some of the greatest minds in the business.

Some of these ‘great minds in business’ are none other than his bona fide partners at Lightspeed Venture Partners. These include Andrew Moley, Adam Goldberg, Alex Taussig, Chris Schaepe, And Aaron Battalion just to mention a few. With all of these brilliant minds put together, it doesn’t take much to figure out why Lightspeed Venture Partners has experienced so much success with their clients.

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Fortress Investment Group is utilizing a direct-lending account to improve the offerings fór traders through an exclusive credit effort. Additionally, it is growing with anothér account that invésts in the perceptive home along with one which purchases aircraft Leases, property debt and other styles of asset débts. SoftBank Group ówns Fortress and éxpects to close thé direct- financing fund just for $2 billion dollars in Oct 2018. Visit

For the fund that pertains to patents, Fortress Investment Group has recently raised $400 million. The demand intended for the Castle open-end asset fund provides risen to regard $500 mil, and the business is recognizing the advantages of a wholesome personal credit marketplace. In an exclusive credit marketplace, he produces from financing are better for little and middle size companies. These types of money are beginning to attract such businesses from insurance, sovereign prosperity money, and pension programs.

An open-end asset account is a mutual account that’s free from restrictions about the number of stocks that it problems for provides or stocks and shares. Many common funds are structured in this manner to give traders a far more hassle-free and useful method to get. If the managers from the fund determine that the full total assets are too big, the fund might be shut away to new investors.

Occasionally, existing traders máy not really have the ability to make additional ventures should this happen. When investors buy shares, this creates new types. Nevertheless, the sharés are removed from circulation whenever they can be purchased.

Buying and selling happen upon demand using the web asset worth, which benefit is founded on the underlying sécurities of thé fund. By the end of every trading day, thé NAV is normally calculated. In the event that a significant number of stocks are rédeemed, a few of the fund’s investments could be sold to páy traders Fortress Investment Group.


In addition tó having a simple way to pool their particular money, fortress investment group traders can diverse profile if they possess open-end money. This can help all of them meet spécific goals such as for example income thresholds ánd development goals. To get into open-énd finance, an invéstor doesn’t need a big sum of money.



Hyland’s is health and wellness associated companies founded in 1903 dealing with high-quality natural ingredients in their Standard Homeopathic products. Since its start as a basement manufacturing pharmaceutical in downtown Los Angeles, California, its name has gained trust among many families. The name Hyland’s, however, isn’t from the founder but rather the purchaser, George H. Hyland in 1910, who expanded the company from a pharmacy to a Homeopathic Company we know today.

In 1923, Cecil Craig, a pharmacy student joined the company shaping its products from the first Hyland’s Teething Tablets in 1925 to its unique soluble state and size in 1940. In 1995, the Standard Hyland’s acquired Luyties Pharmacal company later increasing its client base through e-commerce platforms in 1998 selling Homeopathic products. Hyland’s succeeded as it had over 100 years of reliable products from treating issues like oral pains, colic, allergies, nausea, sleep issues and digestion problems.

The North American based company, through its managing director, Ben Singer, has since improved their products after the recall of Hyland’s Teething Tablets in 2017. The use of natural active ingredients in their products free of artificial flavours and harsh chemicals has made them compete effectively against, and Pfizer, Johnson & Johnson and Backjoy. The new Hyland’s Teething Tablets, released for children helps them relief various oral issues like swollen gum pains, teething, oral sensitivity, pain discomfort and irritations.

Under the name, “Hyland’s Baby Oral Pain Relief Tablets,” the homoeopathic tablet medication is made in small doses and easily dissolves when taken. The tablets also get made from safe and gentle natural ingredients containing no artificial dyes, flavours or harsh chemicals commonly used like Belladonna and Benzocaine. The elements include Arnica Montana, Chamomilla and Calcarea Carbonica for sensitive, sore, or swelling gums. Coffea Cruda, Calcarea Phosphorica and Ferrum Phosphoricum for oral pain and irritability. Some inactive ingredients used are Acacia Gum and Lactose. The tablets can be used for children below six months of age every 15 minutes by placing the Hyland’s tablets below their tongues for four doses. For children up to 3 years, they can take up to 2 tablets every 15 minutes or hourly until they get relieved for four treatments. See more information

Coffee lovers coast to coast often start their day the same way. The alarm clock goes off and the day begins a slow climb into the world of the awake and functional. People in homes across the country will go to their coffee pots and home brew a cup of their favorite ground java. In many cases this cup is just the beginning of a long morning that includes mass coffee consumption. The route to work probably crosses several types of coffee shops. You may stop at a nationally known chain that provides coffee with cream and sugar or you may opt for a chain that offers specialty blends and coffee varieties that include espressos, cappuccinos, cold brew drinks and regular joe. No matter what type of coffee shop you stop at you are going to find the kick that you need to get you through the doors at work. While at work you may rely heavily on whatever is brewed at the coffee vending machine or what is available for consumption in the lobby or staff lounge. What if there was a better way to go about this? What if there was a healthier option that would give you the boost that you need during the day but also provide your body the nutrients that it may be lacking as well. If you could consume a coffee that had high percentages of antioxidant properties would you drink it? Organo Gold coffee has been sweeping the country by storm with their flavorful and healthful coffee varieties. These brews are easy to make and feature many nutrients from Asian sourced mushrooms that will provide the body with vitamins and antioxidants to sustain the coffee drinker throughout their day. The added benefit to these Organo Gold coffee blends is the fabulous coffee house taste that can easily be created by adding hot water and stirring. You can take Organo Gold coffee with you anywhere and enjoy a cup of your favorite java on the go.


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From all of us at ORGANO™, we wish you a prosperous and happy new year. #TastetheGold

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Alastair Borthwick was a Scottish journalist born in 1913 in Rutherglen. He was a talented story teller and writer who penned down all his life experiences. Alastair abandoned school at 16 and got to the world of work where he served in different capacities such as editor and writer. He worked for the Evening Times, Glasgow Herald, Daily Mirror, The Empire Exhibition, and later at BBC as a script writer.

His adventures and authorship

During his time at Glasgow Herald working for its Open Air Page, Borthwick got to hiking in the Scottish highlands. He loved the experience, which became the beginning of a career in literature. He took these experiences and penned them down in his catching book ‘Always A Little Further’ published in the year 1939.

Participated and Wrote About World War II

Alastair Borthwick was part of his country’s World War 2 fighters. He started out as an infantry soldier who rose in rank in the military to become the captain. He was an intelligence officer in the battalion. He led his battalion in pushing the German army out of Northern Africa through Italy and Europe. Borthwick wrote about the war. With his set of skills, he put down the very image of the war in his book. The book’s titled was ‘Battalion: A British Infantry Unit’s Actions from the Battle of El Alamein to Elbe, 1942-1945.’

After the war

Borthwick moved with his wife to the Isle of Jura after the war and led a quiet life. He spent his time fishing and writing. The couple had one son, Patrick. They later returned to Glasgow. While called to talk about his climbing at BBC, his storytelling skills landed him a chance in broadcasting. There he would speak on familiar topics, before landing a 3-year contract to speak on post-war Scotland. He also got into TV, where he produced shows mainly focusing on famous characters. ’Scottish Soldier’ was his most outstanding program. It gave firsthand stories of infantrymen soldiers from a junior officer’s perspective.

Alastair Borthwick wrote TV scripts and also for News Chronicles into his late years. He died in 2003 in Beith at a nursing home, at the age of 90. He will be remembered for touching the hearts of many with his engaging writing talent as well as story-telling skills.

Gareth Henry is the all-stars player in the financial sector. Having received a Bachelor of Science degree in actuarial mathematics from the University of Heriot-Watt of Edinburg in Scotland, Henry was interested in finance. The field of finance perfectly combined his excellence in numbers and his passion for interaction with other people. Despite being a self-professed math geek, Gareth Henry is also exceptional at communicating with others. He is no ordinary nerd.

Upon his graduation in 2000 he got hired at Schroders, the international investment firm. He moved to the U.S, the financial hub of the world, in 2007 to work for the Fortress Investment Group LLC, a reputable hedge fund managing company. Henry proved his capabilities at the firm and became the managing director at Fortress Investment Group LLC after a short amount of time. His main strength, though, is his ability to deal with people. He is also the global head of investor relations within the company, and he is in charge of wealth and pension funds along with overlooking the insurance relations with other countries. He oversees relations on a global scale with Europe and the Middle East.


His ability to strike up a conversation with anyone, be it customers, colleagues, or even strangers, make him a rare gem. His ability to communicate investment opportunities effectively and convince people is what has made him an important asset to any firm he serves. Gareth Henry is a team player and someone who truly inspires others by his knowledge and natural charisma.

Despite his success, the finance wizard remains humble. He attributes his current status to his university education. He has set up a Gareth Henry Access Bursary to assist aspiring students at his alma mater. Not only does he provide them with financial support but also does mentoring program to share his advice and wisdom with youngsters so they can one day replicate his success.

His ability to connect with people could do with his empathic nature. Gareth Henry is a math genius, and a genius at human relations, combining these two traits have meant he is a top-class financial advisor.

Fortress Investment Group recently announced that they would be partnering with the popular travel brand, Virgin Group, to launch a collaborative project to expand their private train line. Brightline is a passenger rail service that operates between Miami, Fort Lauderdale and West Palm Beach. Already, plans are underway to rebrand this railroad service into Virgin Train USA by 2019. Brightline will be “borrowing” Virgin Group’s brand name while adopting their competitive marketing strategies at the same time. Meanwhile, the day-to-day running and operation of the railroad will remain with Fortress Investment Group. Find out more about Wes Edens at

This strategic partnership is expected to drastically increase the ridership of this railroad. In fact, according to Wes Edens, the founder of Fortress Investment Group, plans to expand the railroad are already underway. Solid plans to expand to Tampa and Orlando while connecting South California and Las Vegas have already been set in motion. He went on to reveal that the company was currently outlining its plans to add major cities to the railroad service such as Charlotte, St. Louis, Houston, Atlanta and Dallas.

The partnership between Wes Edens Fortress Investment Group and Richard Branson’s Virgin Group is solid proof that the train service in the USA can be revived for profit despite the fact that the industry has been monopolized by Amtrak service for years. A recent report released in October revealed that the railroad’s passenger volume had increased to 106,090 from 74,780. This increase in passenger volume shows a lot of promise for the future of this partnership.

The Virgin Group has had decades to build up a solid and trustworthy reputation with their customers when it comes to the transport industry. Therefore, it is expected that this partnership between Fortress Investment Group and Virgin Group will translate into a huge increase in the railroad’s customers. Likewise, Wes Edens expects that this collaboration will result in a huge boost to other Virgin-branded hospitality businesses such as Virgin Hotels, Virgin Voyages, and Virgin Atlantic. Finally, Wes Edens thinks this partnership is expected to increase accessibility for millions of potential customers nationwide.

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Those who are up to date in California’s real estate scene are likely familiar with the name of Nick Vertucci, as he has made quite a bit of profit as an effective house flipper. After building his set of skill and learning real estate for himself inside and out, he started up his own academy in the hopes of lending some assistance to those who wish to replicate what he has done by teaching them his secrets. Outside of flipping houses for massive amounts of revenue, though, Nick Vertucci has also done some bit things in the world of competitive poker.

He is a veteran poker player, and his presence has shared tables with the likes of pros like Kenny Tran. Poker is something that first gripped his interest a bit before he learned about the real estate profession. Nick Vertucci had a deep finish in a California tournament back in 2004, which saw him make the top eight and earn a $7,500 payday for his performance. It is interesting to look at progression of his skill both as a successful realtor and as a tough poker player, since he was busy simultaneously learning both skills during roughly the same frame of time.

It shouldn’t be surprise that he has been able to hold his own in both endeavors, as there are many characteristics that a person must develop in order to do well in either. Firstly, Nick Vertucci has a finely honed ability to weigh the risk in front of him with how much could potentially be gained, something that has kept him in profit both in real estate and on the green felt. Secondly, developing a toughness to the massive amounts of money that are on the line is essential when it comes to making good decisions under pressure, something Vertucci knows all too well.