Companies excel for many years by learning from past mistakes. Once they correct these mistakes, they can grow and gain a substantial following from the public. It is not easy today to survive in the market because there is a lot of competition that is why there is the need for a company to hire the right individuals who can help when it comes to making important decisions for the company. The leadership of a company is crucial for it to become successful. Companies that have firm leadership like Fortress Investment Group are experiencing exponential growth. Randal Nardone is one of the individuals who have been working day and night to make the company successful. It is through the strong leadership of entrepreneurs like Randal Nardone that Fortress Investment Group has achieved its goals.

Randal Nardone has been featured in different articles and various forums like the Wall Street Journal. Randal Nardone contributed a lot to make the deal between Fortress Investment Group and SoftBank Group successful. It is one of the best deals landed by Fortress Investment Group since it started. SoftBank is a telco firm which has expanded its services throughout the world. Such deals cannot be achieved without the guidance of people like Randal Nardone who have been making the right decisions. He has the right skills, and he is experienced in dealing with asset management. He is a humble person who likes working with others as a team. Employees at Fortress Investment Group are happy to work with him.

His role at Fortress Investment Group has enabled the company to build affiliations with others like Intrawest, Nationstar Mortgage, New Residential Investment, RailAmerica and Aircastle among others. His success in investment has made him be featured in Forbes whereby he joined the list of top billionaires in the world. At Fortress Investment Group, he serves as a founder and director. He is also a principal at the investment company. He has been actively running the company since they started the firm in 1998. That is why his contributions are immense since he saw the company when it was starting from scratch to the point where it has become reputable around the world.

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ClassDojo is an app released in 2011 by the developers Liam Don and Sam Chaudhary. The app helps teachers to share and monitor students’ progress by use of photos and videos. It is an international community platform that connects students, parents, and teachers to improve community building in institutions, homes and among the teaching staff. The platform provides for opportunities for motivating learning among the students and help them develop important skills as well as build a good character among the students.

A year after releasing the app to the market, it was used in more than 30 countries worldwide with approximately 3.5 million students and teachers utilizing it. The demand increased thus prompting the developers to add more languages to the app so that it can reach an even wider audience. Later on, in 2015, ClassDojo was improved to 35 languages and the introduction of the messaging feature and the stream feature that helped teachers record videos for their students. The introduction of the updates attracted more people. The app is now available in 180 countries.

In the recent developments, ClassDojo is being improved so that it can help elementary students in Ad Astra school solve critical thinking problems. The partnering between ClassDojo and Ad Astra is meant to create open-ended ethical problems that will be given to students to discuss and come up with a solution among themselves. The questions that are meant to be included in the system are somewhat complicated than the normal ones addressed in the elementary curricula. Among the problems to be given to the elementary school kids include property rights problems given to them in cartoons characters that learn that there is a dinosaur skeleton in one of the neighbor’s land.

The critical thinking problems are classified as puzzles, and the kids need to be alert, respectful and maintain an open mind during the discussion. On the other hand, the version of the teachers ClassDojo app provides advice to the children on how they can provide a solution. After solving the problem, the app provides room for sharing the results of the children discussion with the App.

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David McDonald says that before he joined OSI Group over more than three decades ago, the company’s aspiration of growth was there and continues to date. He adds that the company desires to continuously grow and improve its operations. David joined OSI Group in 1987 as a Project Manager but currently serves as the President and the Chief Operating Officer.

The company recorded great expansion between late 80’s and early 90’s though venturing in Europe, South and Central America and Pacific Rim. In 1987, the year McDonald joined the company, OSI Group completed a partnership with a company from Taiwan, K&K Foods as the first entrance to the Pacific Rim. He says that he adapted the OSI Group’s growth and innovation strategies and he works hard to maintain or make the trend better. David McDonald studied the company’s technical and operational procedures with the partner companies locally and internationally.


The company’s Chairman and Chief Executive Officer, Sheldon Lavin who joined the company before David McDonald works closely with McDonald to ensure that the company remains at the top in the competitive food market. They facilitate many acquisitions and purchases together that strengthen the company’s food supply to its customers. Locally, they facilitated the purchase of Tyson Foods in Chicago. The process boosted the supply of poultry products to the American Market. McDonald played a significant part in the company’s expansion in China. In Europe, David oversaw the acquisition of Baho Foods and Flagship Industries in boosting European supplies. He also managed the acquisition of Moy Park, a poultry processing company in the United Kingdom.

He applied corporate leadership, humbleness, and steadiness in doing his work. For Spain and the Netherlands markets, David upgraded the company’s Toledo plant to double its production by installing a new production line in the plant. Initially, the plant produced 12,000 tons of poultry annually, but after the upgrade, the production rose to 24,000 tons annually. Those are but a few contributions made by McDonald in the company’s growth. Apart from working at the food industry, David McDonald is a philanthropist. He supports Alpha Gamma Rho Scholarship Fund.

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If you are planning to tour Brazil or the vast South American region soon you probably should have your eyes fixed on CVC Brazil. CVC Brazil is a Brazilian tour company founded by Guilherme Paulus. Mr. Guilherme also boasts of founding GJP Hotels and Resorts, well-known hotels and resorts brands located across Brazil. While the decorated business executive now prides in owning over twenty resorts and hotels across Rio de Janeiro, Maceió, São Paulo, Recife and Salvador which employees more than 5000 staff, it should not be forgotten that Mr. Paulus started off as an intern for IBM. So what is this that helped propel this IBM intern to the levels he is at now?

Taking that first frightening step into the unknown

Guilherme Paulus advice gives for upcoming entrepreneurs is to take that first step and get things done. Regardless of how tough things look, you never know that they can be done until you have tried them out. This advice is particularly important since it has helped the reputable hotelier and business executive bring to life his business ideas.

Always seek advice

According to Guilherme Paulus if there is one piece of advice he would give his younger self now is to seek advice from elders and experienced individuals. Guilherme Paulus appreciates the fact that most budding entrepreneurs tend to be confident with their skills to the extent they ignore advice from their elders. However to become a better person and a business executive it is important to expand one’s knowledge base and this is best done by seeking advice.

The one-thing entrepreneurs ought to do

Invest more time in making dreams reality. To Mr. Paulus succeeding means finding what you are passionate about, do what you love doing and invest your might, time and resources to it. Passion coupled with these three important factors will help you as an entrepreneur stay vigil and take notice of the changes happening around and within your business hence helping you take the necessary steps toward success.As an accomplished hotelier and entrepreneur there is much we can learn from Paulus even as we celebrate touring the South American nation through his CVC Brazil touring company!

The bull market in US equities is now the longest in history. While most investors on Wall Street remain extremely optimistic, there are fund managers and very notable investors who are beginning to get nervous due to the high valuations in US stocks. There is also some economic data that indicates the US could face some potential problems regarding economic growth. Ted Bauman is an economist who believes that there are factors that will cause the US economy to slow down and eventually end the bull market in stocks. He is a writer for Banyan Hill Publishing and specializes in wealth preservation and low-risk investment strategies.

Ted Bauman believes that interest rates are going to be one of the driving factors that slow the US economy. Fed Chairman Jerome Powell has stated that he is pleased with the US economy and intends to continue raising interest rates. Higher interest rates will make the cost of borrowing money more expensive and could slow economic growth. Many analysts believe that with the current debt levels in the US, rates over three percent will hurt the economy. Ted Bauman feels that a four percent interest rate will kill the bull market in stocks.

Ted Bauman feels the trade war between the US and China could end the bull market in stocks and bring the US closer to a recession. There are many companies listed on the major stock exchanges that do business with China. To combat the tariffs imposed by the Trump Administration, China may retaliate against many of these American companies. The lost revenue from these companies would mean lower profits. Lower profits would eventually reflect in lower valuations for stocks. This could drive all the US stock indices down and put equities in a bear market.

Ted Bauman also points out that stocks are at extreme valuations and he believes that sooner or later they will have to fall to fair value. Once investors come to the same conclusion about stocks, the market will begin to fall rapidly. Mr. Bauman advises that investors to not panic or sell all their positions, but to properly diversify portfolios and begin to adopt a more low-risk investment strategy that may be better suited for a bear market.

leading mortgage firm in Australia, Infinity Group Australia has been getting recognition in its six year history. In addition to being on the Australian Financial Review’s Top 100 Innovative Businesses list, they received three different nominations at the Australian Mortgage Awards. At the Advisers Australian brokering awards, Infinity Group Australia was a finalist in five categories and won Best New Office.


Infinity Group Australia was co-founded by Graeme Holm and Rebecca Walker in 2012, and the impact they’ve made on the Australian mortgage market is still being determined, though it seems to be having one in its short time in operation. Holm worked at a Big Four financial institution before founding Infinity Group Australia, and he noticed that there was a severe lack of financial communication between banking and lending institutions and their borrowers. This lack of communication was costing borrowers money as they were not aware of all the various laws and banking regulations in their agreements that could reduce their costs.


After a research period to determine if there was a viable way to make a profit by providing this education that the consumers lacked, Holm co-founded Infinity Group Australia out of his and Walker’s home office. The company has been growing and winning awards since then.


By taking a borrower-first approach to mortgage and financial counselling, Infinity Group Australia reviews the mortgage or debt of their clients and finds all the loopholes needed to save their clients money. They use a progressive billing system, where their fee is based on the client’s savings on their debt instead of being flat. This way they make sure that their clients actually do save that money, instead of costing them more in the long run due to expensive services. By limiting their fees to a percent of what their clients save, they make their own money while ensuring that each client has more in their pocket as well.


Infinity Group Australia deals in more than just mortgages: They also help with debt reduction and repayment as well as wealth creation and financial planning services. They work for their clients, not the banks, and since their fee structure is based on client savings they have a vested interest in saving their customers money as well as long-term relationships with them. These principles and practices set them apart from other brokerages and counselling firms and earn them their many different awards. Learn more:


The majority of people want to cut down the excess fats in their body, acquire lean muscle mass and have a healthy body weight at the same time. The most effective way is to understand your body and strive to get the best balance. People have different likes and dislikes and for this reason, getting your body balance is crucial when you want to achieve long-term success.


Note that getting your body balance is not the same as getting a set formula that you will be using anytime. Instead, it entails being committed to adjusting the body needs that tend to change from time to time. In this article, you will learn how Herbalife can help people achieve their diet and exercise goals.


The first step towards attaining your personal goal


Irrespective of your personal goal towards weight loss, your wellness instructor will assist you to create a personalized program. Recent findings indicate that people are more likely to attain their goals when they perform it with others. The first thing you need to do with your instructor is to complete a wellness evaluation. With the help of your instructor, you will review your nutrition habits and obtain your body composition measurements.

This will give you a perfect starting point to make a personalized program and begin checking on your progress. You might also be invited to do a team presentation focusing on a good diet where you can also join in weekly events. Enrolling at the events will give you a chance to meet other people who share the same ideas. Herbalife entails coming together as a family and assisting each other to live a healthy and more active life. Achieving your personal goals tends to be easy and exciting when you do it as a team.


Herbalife Nutrition Philosophy


This Philosophy tends to depend on three aspects that can assist you to attain your personal goals easier. With the help of a balanced diet, leading a healthy, active life in society and getting the continued personal support from your instructor, many clients have changed their body and attain their goals.


A balanced diet comprises a mixture of protein, carbohydrates, beneficial fats, and other nutrients. Herbalife strives in helping clients understand the basics of proper nutrition and when science-based on their products might be helpful. Note that staying a healthy and active life in a society of like-minded individuals is vital for long-term outcome, irrespective of your capability level or objective.


Some people are very uninformed about the land of Brazil. There are vague ideas of it being a land of chocolate and coffee-skinned people, beaches and the Amazon Rain forest. However, it is more than just those things. Brazil is like another version of America, in many different ways. For example, it happens to be a place where people of different ethnic groups immigrated to. However, the proportions of various races are different than in America. For example, in America, the population has been mostly white-Caucasian for the majority of the country’s history. For the majority of Brazil’s history, much higher proportions of the population have been non-white. Africans and natives made up large portions of the population in Brazil.

Also, the landscape in Brazil is similar to that of United States of America. Both countries have a plethora of different landscapes. For example, America has deserts, mountains, hot climates, cold climates, hills, forests, swamps and marshes. Brazil also has these things. Both countries are also large enough to the point where they cover numerous degrees of longitude and latitude. This results in each country having more than one time zone.

It also results in each country having different levels of sunlight in different locations. For example, in Natal, where Wish Natal is located, the hours of sunlight roughly equal the hours of darkness more frequently and are more constant than Gramado, the place where St. Andrew’s Mountain is.

Guilherme Paulus is a native of this great, America-like land of many landscapes. He jumped into the tourism industry in 1972, and is currently the CEO of a company called CVC Brazil Operadora e Agencia de Viagens S.A. Guilherme Paulus ran the company in such a way where its name is now known by many. CVC has expanded its services in such a way to offer as many people opportunities as possible. Different things are offered to customers. Also, the company founded by Guilherme Paulus gives employment to Brazilians who are in need of incomes. Guilherme Paulus has made amazing improvement to the company.

Marc Beer, the founder of Renovia Inc, announced that his company will go ahead with a number of new products that can help those with pelvic floor disorders. The announcement followed a Series B round of financing, which closed at $32 million.


The company, which is based in Boston Massachusetts, is developing therapeutic and diagnostic products that can be used to treat urinary incontinence, as well as other types of pelvic floor disorders. In April, the company’s first product was approved by the FDA. That product is Leva.


Also, the Longwood Fund joined the Series B round. They are an investing firm that focuses on healthcare ventures. The Series B round was led by Ascension Ventures and Perceptive Advisors. Besides the Leva device, the funding will be used to develop for more products.


Beer said that he was excited to have the support of the investors. He added that his company has a vision to improve the lives of women who are affected of pelvic disorders, and there are millions of women around the world who suffer from such disorders.


More About Marc Beer

Marc Beer is a businessman with over two decades of experience in developing and commercializing products within the bio-tech industry, as well as diagnostics and devices. He, alongside Ramon Iglesias and Yolanda Lorie, started Renovia in 2016. That same year he closed a Series A financing. He has also worked for a number of other companies, and he founded ViaCell in 2000.


Marc Beer also sits on the chairman of the board of directors on the Good Start Genetics’ compensation committee. Furthermore, he belongs to the Miami University Business Advisory Council, and he sits on the board of Minerva Neurosciences’ compensation committee.


The businessman attended Miami University in Ohio for a few years, and he excelled while there. He graduated from the university with a Bachelor’s degree. Upon graduating, he worked hard in his career, which has led him to become the businessman he is today.


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Genucel is an effective undereye treatment that targets puffiness and bags under the eyes. It only contains natural ingredients and rare Swiss apple cell technology. It also contains antioxidants that help to firm and strengthens aging skin, and it contains special peptide technology that produces more noticeable results in as few as 12 hours.


All it takes is five simple steps to achieve whether and younger looking skin. Step one uses PhytoCellTec™ Malus Domestica plant stem cells to give you younger looking skin and 95% of those who have tried it found that they had a significant reduction in the puffiness and bags under their eyes.


Step two is the Genucel Eyelid Treatment which evens skin tone and makes your eyes look more luminous and radiant. Peptide proteins help to nourish skin for softer and smoother looking eyes. It is an innovative formula that tightens, lifts and firms the appearance of droopy eyes to promote younger-looking eyes. It contains powerful peptides that help to revitalize and brighten eyes.

The third step is the anti-wrinkle treatment which reduces the appearance of facial wrinkles with the latest Plant Stem Cell technology. It does not contain any mineral oil or parabens.


Step four uses Relxoderm Technology to smooth away the appearance of wrinkles surrounding the eyes and it is safe and natural and lasts for 15 to 24 hours. Step five is a Cristalles Microdermabrasion treatment that dermatologist use in their offices. It is also used at some of the top spas to reduce the appearance of skin roughness, age spots, skin discoloration, and fine facial lines. It also uses magnesium oxide which is the same active ingredient found in spas and at the doctor’s office. It only takes a couple of minutes to apply and it will begin to show results.