InnovaCare Health is currently run by Dr. Richard Shinto, their president and Chief Executive Officer, and Penelope Kokkinides their Chief Administrative Officer. Shinto has more than twenty years of experience in managing health care. He has a Bachelors of Science from the Univesity of California, and received his medical degree from State University of New York. Kokkinides has extensive experience in managing large companies holding positions as Executive Vice Presidents and Chief Operation Officer at other health care companies. She has a Bachelors degree from Binghamton University in biological sciences and classical languages, a masters degree in social work from New York University, and a post-masters in alcohol and substance abuse.


In Puerto Rico, InnovaCare Health is doing it’s best to help the people recover from Hurricane Maria. They run the country’s largest Medicare Advantage health plans. They also set up a store front clinic in San Juan’s largest shopping center to provide physicals and referrals for more specialized care and services. Despite the recovery the island has made dozens of doctor offices on it continue to remain closed. Hospitals were badly damaged in the storm and after the hurricane many health care professionals fled for the mainland.


InnovaCare Health is determined to help address the specific health care needs of Puerto Ricans. These include disease prevention, drug management, and much more. Their store front Recargate provides a place for citizens to be safe and recharge, both physically and emotionally. It also offers educational sessions to promote wellness, exercise, and other necessary health care.


Originally Recargate was set to close on December 31st but with the need still high they have pushed that date to March 31st and may continue to push it if the need continues to exist. InnovaCare Health and Recargate have strived to meet the health needs of the population and have begun to realize that the poverty, housing instability, and lack of transportation are all big factors in the population’s health issues and needs.


With this in mind, Penelope Kokkinides had a meeting with President Donald Trump to address these issues. She was invited along with seven other women from caregiver organizations, and she used the invitation as a way to talk about the benefits that will come from having better health services in Puerto Rico. There is a great need for better funding from the government for the health care sector, especially in Puerto Rico.


Many people may not know who Michael Herd is, but they are soon going to know this business oil tycoon because of his wife. The celebration of a majestic wedding that took place in southern Italy would be the thing that would become the highlight of bridal magazines in 2017. Michael Herd married Whitney Wolfe, and she is the CEO of Bumble that has turned the matchmaking business into big business.

Whitney Wolfe has not invented anything new. Matchmaking was big business long before she came along, but she has added a few tweaks. Some may say that the tweets that Whitney Wolfe has added to Bumble has made it more of a feminist dating app, and she is all for that. In fact, some may say that this was the plan that Wolfe had all along.

It was to her advantage to work as a co-founder for Tinder because gave her time to process what was actually going on with millennials. Before she started marketing Tinder to college students there was no true app design for singles for the millennial age. Other dating app sites like eHarmony and Match seemed totally out of place for a younger crowd of adults that were in college or just finishing college. It seemed like the dating app world was an old fashioned way of meeting a mate and settling down. It did not seem like something that a young generation of bar hoppers and club-goers would even going to be interested in.

For Whitney Wolfe to work as the co-founder of Tinder it was easy for her to begin to see how after technology needed to be changed for dating. She managed to do this successfully, but Tinder would become something of a difficult place for Whitney to work. It did not make sense for her to stay there any longer after the things that occurred inside of this organization. She knew that she would be better on her own and Bumble proved that. Buzzing With Feminism: Whitney Wolfe Herd’s Journey to Queen Bee.

Another thing that Wolfe wanted to do when she branched out on her own is expand the possibilities where people could meet on their own terms. It may be through friendship building with Bumble BFF that relationships are forged. It may be through networking possibilities with Bumble Bizz that partnerships are developed. Whitney wanted the millennial generation to have access to all of this through a single app.

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     If you were to go to any supplement store, then you’ll definitely notice all of the different brand names that line the shelves. Unfortunately, the market is cluttered with brand after brand. This can definitely hamper your efforts if you’re looking for a product to help you with your health needs. Labrada, Herb Pharm, Muscle Tech, Next Nutrition and Pinnacle are just a few of the top brands in today’s society. Have you ever heard of IDLife? Well, if you haven’t heard about this extraordinary supplement company, you’re not alone. IDLife is more so an up-and-coming supplement company that specializes in producing some of the healthiest products. These products are made from higher grade ingredients, and they do not posses any of the harmful fillers.

Everyone who is on planet earth today has unique qualities as well as unique body types. What works for some people may not work for others. IDLife has mastered this subject by offering customized nutrition plans. If you’re unaware of what products you should be taking, then you should definitely complete the company’s online assessment. The assessment won’t take long and all you have to do is answer a few health-related questions. Once your information is in the system, you’ll get the best information that fits your personal needs. Products, products and more products. This supplement company has plenty of healthy products to put you on the right path to success, including:

  • Protein Bars
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  • Energy Shots
  • Sleep Aids
  • Weight Management Products
  • And others

IDLife is changing the game for the better. The company’s nutritional team and business team has an estimate 32 years of experience combined. This team is very knowledgeable in sales, in nutrition and in general business.

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Jeremy Goldstein serves at Jeremy L. Goldstein & Associates as the partner. He offers advisory services to compensation committees, firm and CEOs from various corporations. His accomplishment and success in his career have enabled him to be a reputable and reliable attorney in the United States. He went to the New York University and earned his J.D, his B.A from Cornell University and M.A at the University of Chicago.

Goldstein has been serving in lots of organizations that have helped him to be well equipped and more so getting vast experience in his law career. Besides, the organizations that have approached him for his services have been transformed to be competitive in the industry.

Jeremy Goldstein helped Verizon Wireless to acquire Alltel Corporation and UTC to acquire the Goodrich. The reputation of Goldstein keeps growing due to the quality and his passion for satisfactorily serving the clients. He is aware of the importance of meeting the needs of the customers as that attracts customers more. Read more: Jeremy Goldstein | Slideshare and Jeremy Goldstein | Slideshare

Every client has a varying issue from one another, and it is imperative to comprehend what the customers’ wants from you. With this, you will offer the right and appropriate advisory services to the customers that will contribute towards effectiveness in the industry.

It is not simple to maintain a good portfolio in the law industry on your own, but when you provide the right services to the clients the image is built, and clients will crowd to your firm in need of your services. Learn more about Jeremy Goldstein: and

It is crucial to have a good relationship with customers as that will aid you in learning the needs of the clients. That was the driving factor of Jeremy Goldstein as he could always communicate with the customers and established a professional and social relationship with them.

The Jeremy L. Goldstein & Associates LLC is reputable in the law industry, and the management and leadership that is offered by Goldstein make it to be competitive in the market. Other advocates and attorney working together with Jeremy are motivated and impressed by commitment and passion of Goldstein in his career.

Jeremy Goldstein was listed by Legal 500 as a prominent attorney in handling compensation issues for various corporate companies.

Before he founded Jeremy L. Goldstein & Associates LLC, Goldstein was working with Wachtell, Rosen & Katz. His philanthropic initiatives are directed towards people that have the mental illness so that they can have a better living.

Louis Chenevert is an ex-chairman and ex-CEO of the United Technologies Corporation. In the year 2008 he was elected as Chief Executive Officer and the Presidents later in 2010 he was chosen as the chairman. Chenevert got a chance of working with the Pratty & Whitney which is an aerospace manufacturer and had the capability of directing the firm towards promoting their processes. The hard work of Louis Chenevert earned a Presidential position in Pratty & Whitney. Prior to working with Pratty & Whitney, he worked at General Motors after he received his degree in production management from the HEC Montreal. His excellent work earned him a promotion, and he started serving as the production manager.

Shortly after, Louis Chenevert held the position of the Production General Manager, and he used to supervise a wide range of the Production firm, Louis worked there for 14 years. The Pratty & Whitney Company was not independent; it was supplementary of the (UTC) United Technologies Corporation. UTC was a transnational corporation which worked together with the military and civilian economies. The UTC firm deals with the production of various products, for instance, the aircraft engines, HVACs, elevators, and the security systems. It was ferocious competitive but similar to the other business it was also a victim of the severe economic decline in 2006. Later Louis Chenevert officially joined the UTC, and he was elected as the chairman and the CEO of the corporation. During the depression of the market economy, Chenevert worked hard towards the organization’s improvement.

This was one of the ways of protecting the organization from the profit losses that several firms were experiencing. The primary tactic that Louis Chenevert used was assuming the ordinary intelligence that enclosed the outsourcing. Most of the corporations preferred to cut the prices as a way of looking for the customers and also relocating the productions to those nations that had the willingness of working for lower costs. UTC moved the workers and the to work as a team to solve ambiguous problems, UTC remained productive even at the difficult times because of this idea.

Tony Petrello is the CEO of Nabors Industries, an oil exploration and drilling company in the United States. Petrello has grabbed the headlines for good performance in the drilling sector and his work in philanthropy. These two activities are vital to him. He has engaged in them, giving his all to the causes and hoping to influence the economy and the welfare of the people at the same time. His business activities have changed the lives of people he has employed in the company, and his philanthropic cause has touched the lives of even more people.

Tony Petrello is compassionate about the less unfortunate and has committed his life to supporting causes which he feels will positively impact the lives of others. One of the major philanthropy cause that he is currently supporting is the development of a neurological research center at the Texas Children’s hospital. This center is currently researching for treatment of neurological disorders in children.


Giving back to the community is one of the vital causes that Tony Petrello believes in. His intention to help children who suffer from neurological disorders show a person who is committed to changing the lives of a generation. For years, no other person has ever cared to support research in such a vital field of medicine, but he has done it. Petrello’s life is an inspiration to many other people who would like to succeed as he had done in business and also in supporting the community.

Tony Petrello is a product of well-wishers and the community support. He was born in Newark, New Jersey, an area mainly comprising of the working-class. He was born in a humble family who could not have given him the best things in life in his young age. Despite the environment he grew up in, Petrello was determined to succeed.

The community in Newark taught him some of the most vital lessons that he applies even today as a CEO– work ethics, integrity and hard work are critical. These are the traits that he grew up knowing. At no point did he expect to get success through shortcuts. He has worked for everything he owns today. Tony Petrello is not the type of Wall Street Millionaires who thrive by selling lies to the masses. His success is a result of pure commitment to his work duties. He managed to take Nabors Industries from just an ordinary firm in the oil drilling sector to become one of the biggest firms in the world.

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Dallas Women’s Foundation embodies clear aims and active follow through for the individuals and groups in support of the education, health and financial wellbeing of women and girls. 2017 marked a record year out of the 30+ in researching and addressing the needs of women and girls of North Texas to slash the assault of poverty that overwhelms them. In 2017, the Dallas Women’s Foundation donated over $4.5Million USD as investment in women and children via 198 grants to 144 likeminded organizations. No doubt, this concrete application of knowledge and means is why NexBank committed to the highest capital donation of $100,000 USD at their 32nd annual luncheon which featured renowned geo-biologist Dr. Hope Jahren.

NexBank distinguishes itself from other financial institutions in every and varied ways. Its fees for adverse banking transactions are of the least charge amounts across the Nation. Its community reinvestment factor ranks among the highest regional and nationally. For instance, of the many contributors to the Dallas Women’s Foundation for 2017, NexBank gave the most monetarily and in mentorship of aspiring women in business and other careers. Similarly, NexBank assists low income families through projects such as TREC Shark Tank, a fund, modeled after the award winning television show that encourages and supports entrepreneurs, for commercial real estate development. For TREC (The Real Estate Council Community Fund) Shark Tank, NexBank presently extends a $2Million USD line of credit among other past contributions as well. NexBank enjoys witnessing the positive, tangible and recognizable differences its aims and contributions provide to the lives of its community members.

NexBank ranks among the top financial institutions regarding global wealth management options for large volume bankers. Yet, its greatest joy remains the close knit, face to face, daily service to and guidance for its regional clients of the Dallas Texas USA area in administration of its over $6.4Billion USD in assets. Founded and Chartered in 1922, NexBank maintains three full service banking locations: NexBank Ssb, the Preston Center Branch and the McKinney Branch offering some of the most competitive savings gains rates in all of the Nation. Numbered 150th nationally, it ranks as the 11th largest bank in Texas. Its interactive website allows customers to select from a flexible variety of savings, transactional and investment products based on the clients’ perspectives and personal or commercial wealth needs. This approach underlies NexBank’s continued success and respect across the generations.

Dr. Mark McKenna is a doctor and an entrepreneur who possesses a great passion on advocating for his patients and even the entire community. He is from Orleans, LA, and went to the Tulane University Medical School where he completed his medical training. The physician is licensed by Georgia Stated Board of Medical Examiners and the Louisiana State Board of Medical Examiners to perform surgery and medicine.

Mark’s father was a physician, and after Mark completed school, they practiced medicine together for a while. Dr. Mark McKenna concluded that it could be difficult for him to make a lot of money in the field of medicine, where he started to build on his real estate business and later on established a mortgage company. Mark served as the Chief Executive Officer of the Universal Mortgage Lending, McKenna Crescent Investment and the uptown tittle all that he founded.

In the year 2005, the Hurricane Katrina calamity occurred which resulted to McKenna losing millions on a single night. The Hurricane Katrina caused his properties to devalue, cash flows went all down to zero and also almost all of his employees got displaced and scattered all over the country. He was very unlucky since almost all of the properties he had was underinsured.

After the calamity, Dr. Mark McKenna went back to the New Orleans where he helped with relief efforts as he was rebuilding his company. He later on migrated to Atlanta and came up with a chain of offices that provided cosmetic treatments including nutrition and weight counseling, Botox injections and laser hair removal. This was a clear indication of the doctor’s dedication and commitment to providing all his patients with the best medical weight loss solutions together with several non-surgical aesthetic procedures.

In 2015, he sold his shape med investment to Lifetime Fitness, and became a member of staff for one year after which he quit the job as Lifetime had now been bought by private equity. According to Dr. Mark McKenna, his productivity arises from him being a voracious reader. In an exclusive interview with Ideamensch, Mark recommended all entrepreneurs to read a book titled Think and Grow rich, which as he says it will help them to have the power to visualize.

Having previously studied international law and negotiation theory, Daniel Taub worked as an intellectual property attorney in Israel.

However, during the Madrid Peace Conference, there was the need for serious peace negotiations with Israel neighbors and Daniel Taub took a short detour that swallowed his life from there on. He started working with the Israel ministry from this time onwards, becoming the country’s ambassador to the UK between 2011 and 2015.

The witty advocate adorns a unique sense of humor and says during his days as ambassador, no two days were alike. Daniel Taub says he got involved in a number of events such as academic cooperation, Jewish and other faith communities, political discourse, security and intelligence relations, technology and business cooperation, media among other public diplomatic activities.

He was always out exploring new areas that have not been exposed and reaching out to such populations.

Currently, the international lawyer functions as the director of planning and strategy at the Rothschild Foundation in Jerusalem.

He was born in London, Great Britain in 1962, and studied at the University College in Oxford and London, and later attended Kennedy School of Government at Harvard University for his master’s. When it comes to argument, he is excellent and possesses very persuasive traits during debates owing to his good literary talents. Learn more about Daniel Taub: and

When he returned to his native country Israel, he started working as a reserve officer and combat medic with Israel Defense Forces (IDF) mainly with the international law division. He wrote the contemporary soap opera- HatHatzer, which was filmed in Chasidic Rebbe.

Moreover, he is passionate about values of the Jewish education giving lectures on Jewish literature and history. His insights and knowledge in counter-terrorism have been instrumental when at the embassy and in the foreign affairs ministry.

Daniel Taub is hardworking and was one of the speechwriters for President Chaim Herzog. He was repaid for his exceptional skills and knowledge despite being young with the ambassadorial appointment to the Court of St. James. He has held many diplomatic, political and legal positions in Israel’s foreign ministry as he has proven a resourceful countryman.

He was actively involved in the Israel-Syrian negotiations and served as a negotiator for Israel with Palestine during the peace finding process. Moreover, he represented Israel at the International Court of Justice regarding the Gaza flotilla accident which was brought by the UN. He is married with six children.

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When Randy Ray and Wendy Lewis created Jeunesse Global back in 2009, they knew that they wanted to create a different kind of company. The inveterate entrepreneurs had long ago amassed enough wealth that they would never have to work another day in their lives. But Ray and Lewis, despite their huge success, still felt that they had a statement to make. As the couple approached their golden years, they wanted to create a company that would serve as their legacy, helping people across the globe reach their beauty, health and financial goals.

Although it was a long time in the making, Zen Bodi is a reflection of this philosophy. Ray and Lewis felt that their company and its Youth Enhacement System wouldn’t be complete without a weight-loss system and a supplement that would help the many people who struggle with weight issues to permanently find a long-term, healthy solution. And like most other Jeunesse products, Zen Bodi and the Zen 8 Project weight-loss system that it compliments are unlike anything that the industry has ever seen before.

The Zen 8 Project is a no-nonsense weight-loss system that was designed with the help of one of the premier personal fitness experts on the planet. The system uses the science of behavioral modification as its basis, not going for big changes but, instead, helping people to slowly modify their lifestyles in a positive direction. This system involves the slow replacement of unhealthy habits with healthy ones. Although the Zen 8 Project takes time, willpower and effort, it delivers real and lasting results that are quickly seen in the overall fitness levels of its adherents.

On the other hand, the Zen Bodi supplement is the perfect compliment to the Zen 8 Project system. The supplement is specifically formulated to support the three main weight-loss pillars elaborated in the Zen 8 Project. These are the building of muscle, the curbing of appetite and the burning of fat. Through advanced scientific formulation, Zen Bodi helps users achieve all three of these important goals, rapidly accelerating the pace of progress that users can see while following the Zen 8 Project.