Betsy DeVos is a household name in America’s education system. Ms. Devos has worked as a senior executive in different organizations. One such organization is the American Federation for Children. The organization promotes education reforms. Betsy has also worked for Art Prize, Foundation for Excellence in Education, the DeVos Institute and Great Lakes Education. Her role in these organizations reflects her commitment to charity. With Dick DeVos her husband, they have parted with more than $139 million. This amount was channelled to organizations that support education reforms. DeVos is a known philanthropist. She has donated millions to charity.




In 2015, Betsy contributed $10 million to charity organizations. She pledged additional $3.2 million. Among the organizations that Betsy has supported is Media Inc. Betsy donated $400,000 to finance the establishment of an education site.


Further Philanthropy Work


Betsy DeVos has donated to colleges and universities. Some of her beneficiaries include Maryland University College, Ferris State University, the Missionary School of Aviation, Calvin College and the Cornell Medical Centre. She has also worked with Porter’s School since her children’s younger days in school. When she visited their school, she realized that most students lacked basic education amenities. She, therefore, founded a scholarship fund to improve the situation. Betsy DeVos launched education reforms from that point. She involved herself in such like programs.




DeVos has since been a huge contributor to education reforms. It is no wonder she was appointed to be the secretary of education in president Trump’s government. Betsy supports conservative organizations through donations. One such organization is the American Enterprise Institute for Public Policy. She also supports Institute for Justice and several Christian –based organizations. Betsy DeVos supported the Kennedy Center by donating $22.5 million. The amount was channelled towards the acquisition of training boards for cultural institutions.





Currently, Betsy DeVos is the serving secretary of education. Her nomination was based on her past contributions to education reforms. According to President Trump, Betsy deserved the position because she has championed education reforms for years. Betsy has been the managing director of Windquest Group. She established the company with the assistance of Dick DeVos, her husband. Windquest Group provides clean energy in addition to water for technological companies in Michigan.


Additional Information


Betsy DeVos loves people. That is why she has donated millions to improve their lives. She has children and grandchildren. This makes her a family woman. DeVos has strong academic credentials. She attended Holland Christian School for her high school education. She then moved to Calvin College for a degree in arts. In college, Betsy DeVos loved politics. She was a huge contributor to student’s union and policy implementation. Ms. Devos fought for student’s rights by promoting philanthropy. After college, she joined the country’s politics. Betsy DeVos has concentrated a huge share of her income to education. Betsy believes that all students, regardless of their parent’s income, should access comfortable, learning environment. She is passionate about improving their living standards as well. Betsy DeVos agrees that the government should implement better education policies.


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Most people don’t think of millionaire executives having serious problems. Michael Lacey and Jim Larkin aren’t normal executives. They actually work closely with their first newspaper, Phoenix New Times. Although they went on to co-found a multimillion-dollar conglomerate, they stayed close to New Times.

Phoenix New Times got its start after Lacey noticed how ultra-conservative Arizona’s media was. They usually didn’t cover both sides of the story, which in all honesty, very few media sources do. Arizona’s media coverage of things was extra hostile toward liberal viewpoints. Lacey wanted to bring more balance into the media industry, so he wrote the inaugural issue of New Times with some friends.

When the paper started gaining readers, he dropped out of Arizona State University and teamed up with Jim Larkin, another college dropout. Together, they started on a journey that would lead them to a battlefield opposite Sheriff Joe Arpaio.

Most sheriffs of big cities struggle to control things just because of lack of resources and too many residents. Sheriff Arpaio struggled to do his job because he didn’t care to do his job. He loved being sheriff because it afforded him the power to silence his critics and engage in other unlawful activities.

Most media coverage of the sheriff either didn’t exist or regarded him as a benign character. Phoenix New Times was the only source to talk about his many downfalls.

Honestly, nothing about Arpaio seemed acceptable. Worse than his abuse of power was his lack of concern for being caught abusing his power.

He genuinely did whatever he wanted because he felt he could. This was a sheriff who played a patriarchal role in many of the state’s anti-Mexican fear-mongering events. He repeatedly showed joy in persecuting, detaining, and abusing Latinos. Read more: Phoenix New Times | Wikipedia and Michael Lacey | Twitter

He didn’t even properly manage his own sheriff’s office. He didn’t properly manage the jails in was in charge of, which led to the deaths of numerous inmates. Learn more about Jim Larkin and Michael Lacey: and

This guy did not care about serving the community in any way that actually mattered. When New Times started reporting on his activities, he chose to fight back instead of change his ways.

Eventually, he crossed the line in a way that no one could ignore. He arrested Lacey and Larkin and tried to force them to hand over any and all material concerning him, and he wanted the names and personal information of their employees and readers who might’ve read stories about him.

To simply state it, butt lift surgeries have been on the rise over the past few years. American culture has embraced this advanced-medical procedure to some degree. One of the best ways to update your physical appearance would be to go the butt lift-route. Did you know that there are some medical facilities that will offer special financing to receive this service? That’s right! For those that may be short on the overall price, some facilities offer six-month or 12-month financing plans. You can now receive the butt of your dreams without having to live on skid row.


“Where should I go for treatment?” The answer to this question is very simple, but it’s also very important. You’ll definitely need to visit multiple surgeons before undergoing this procedure because every surgeon isn’t the same. One of the smartest things you can do for yourself is to not choose a specific surgeon just because of the cheapest price. You should always go with the surgeon that best understands your specific needs. Cosmetic Surgery Dallas is a great option thanks to its stellar track-record, and its extensive knowledge of butt lift surgeries. Dr. Kevin Light is board-certified, and he is a member of the prestigious Texas Cosmetic Surgical Society. This well-accomplished surgeon will also provide other cosmetic-surgery procedures if need be, which is fairly common now days.


Dallas has an abundance of butt lift surgeons, and these surgeons can be found at other fine locations such as Innovations Medical Center, BodEvolve Cosmetic Surgery & Medical Spa and North Texas Plastic Surgery. The actual surgery is generally under three hours, but it really depends on the patient’s personal situation. After the surgery, pain-killers will be prescribed and you’ll need to stay off your feet as well as avoid sitting directly on your bum.


Where did he grow up?

David Samadi was born in Iran a Jewish community with his two siblings. However, he and his brother moved to the USA after a revolution broke. While in the USA he joined Roslyn high school for his high school education before joining Stony Brook where he pursued a Bachelor’s degree in Biochemistry. David’s passion for medicine was unstoppable, as a result, he went back to the same University in pursuit of a masters in Medicine. Later he trained at Urology at Montefiore and other institutions with a sole aim of making his skills perfect. Over the time he advanced up to robotic surgery which has led him to be named among the best doctors in the world.

What is the SMART technique that he developed?

With the rise in the number of patients seeking his help, work was becoming challenging for him. Moreover, at times the doctor used to fail in delivering to all the patients as he would want and thus he knew he had to come up with a solution. After a period of research and tests, Dr. Samadi revealed his Smart Robotic Technology. The Smart Robotic Technology is meant to assist the prolific doctor during prostate surgery. The laparoscopic prostatectomy decreases the several hours of operation to two hours and guarantees the patients that the surgery recovery time is less than 24 hours. Moreover, these “surgeons” can work on work than five patients per day as they are not prone to being tired or weak. The robots are programmed to work under instructions from the renowned urologists. In the process of the surgery, Dr. Samadi has a 3D view of body organs using Insight Vision technology which is more efficient and enables him to get a glimpse of the cancerous cells before administering a command to his “team” to remove them. With the use of Smart, Technique Dr. Samadi has performed more than 7000 open surgery.

Where does he work?

The successful surgeon first practiced his career at was Columbia Presbyterian hospital. However, over time his hard work has led to his work elevation up to being a chairperson in Lenox Hill in charge of Robotic Surgery. In the same hospital, he is in charge of all Urology treatments. Moreover, the doctor has been a health tips trainer at Fox News since 2011.

What is Dr. David Samadi TV?

This is a programme that runs on News Fox. The program which features Dr. Samadi aims at educating the viewers with health tips on prostate cancer, its causes and possible ways of preventing health cancer. It is at the same forum that the doctor brings on board some of his patients who have recovered from prostate cancer to share experiences.

When the 2018 Congressional Elections hit full stride, the American political world will be absolutely on fire. The 2018 elections are set to be historic in a way that we haven’t seen in decades upon decades, if ever. Donald Trump’s ascent to the top of the Republican ticket and his corresponding victory in 2016 against Democrat Hillary Clinton, even if the win comes with an asterisk, will go down in history. Still, work is just beginning for progressives who are looking to bring balance back to D.C. while helping out their base. This means that the work of End Citizens United, led by President Tiffany Muller, will be immensely important. That is why End Citizens United has made headlines for endorsing Katie Porter in her run for the CA-45 Congressional Seat.

End Citizens United is a political action committee that was created with the goal of helping to subvert the flow of dark money flooding into American politics. The name ‘End Citizens United’ refers specifically to the 2010 Supreme Court decision surrounding the conservative propaganda group, Citizens United. Citizens United lobbied the Supreme Court in order to argue that corporate donors should have the right to give money directly to politicians. The reasoning for their argument was transparent: Citizens United and the rest of the Koch-funded GOP wanted a legal way to take corporate bribes. You can draw a direct line from this decision to the degradation of the American political system which has culminated in the election of Donald Trump — a dangerous demagogue and populist who has been sold to the highest bidder.

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With all of that being said, End Citizens United is looking toward the future and that means toward helping people like Katie Porter in her election race in California. Porter is fighting for the CA-45 Congressional District and she will be going up against Republican Mimi Walters who has been bought and paid for by corporate donors. In fact, Walters is so bad about taking money from corporate donors that she made End Citizens United’s Big Money 20 list. The Big Money 20 List is a list comprised by End Citizens United in order to show which politicians have become most beholden to their corporate donors.

Katie Porter has made a stark departure from the norm that Mimi Walters and other Congressional Republicans are living with. How is she doing this? Well, Porter made it the official policy of her campaign to refuse any and all money from corporate political action committees. This is a credible turn toward the people that earned the endorsement of President Tiffany Muller of End Citizens United while also giving Porter a boost with her progressive base all throughout the state of California. With any luck, and some momentum, Porter is heading for a victory.

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The services of a diplomat are essential in this day and age. Diplomats are the people who perform the important role of ensuring that countries all over the world have developed a tradition of working together with each other in a way that will facilitate unity across the globe. Learn more about Daniel Taub: and

The role of a diplomat cannot be ignored. They are the reason why countries can maintain good relationships with one another. Diplomats play the important role of making sure that there is a meaningful relationship between nations. Diplomatic relations are essential to all countries.

Every country needs partners. One way to show that a country is serious in making partners is by appointing ambassadors. They are the professionals who represent the interests of one country in another. It is a noble thing that a country can use to show that it is serious about its intentions to make the relationship solid.

In this context, we will discuss the relationship between Israel and the United Kingdom during the reign of one of the best diplomats to have been appointed by Israeli. Daniel Taub is the diplomat we will discuss. He was appointed to the office of the ambassador in 2011. His role was to be the ambassador of Israel in London.

London is one of the biggest cities in the world and a center for the world economy. The London ambassadorial office was a crucial appointment that needed a person who would represent the interest of Israel effectively. Daniel Taub served Israel in the best possible way.

He made sure that Israel benefited from the relationship it shared with the United Kingdom. Daniel Taub worked on areas that would strengthen the relationship between these two countries. He took care of trade ties, education and business growth on behalf of his country. Learn more about Daniel Taub: and

Daniel Taub perfected his role in London such that, at the end of his term, he left shoulders high knowing that he was the best performing diplomat to have ever been appointed to represent the Jewish community in the United Kingdom.

He did so much for the community that not just trade, even the businesses in the country expanded. There were over 3000 businesses that were owned by the Jewish community by the time he was leaving office.

Daniel Taub served up to 2015. He has now retired from diplomatic duties and is now working as a director in Jerusalem for a philanthropy foundation. Daniel Taub left a legacy that will stay for many years to come, especially in the hearts of the Jewish community.

In high-tension situations, the ability to respond calmly and incorporate productive strategies is an asset. Those who demonstrate that skill set in the workforce are a credit to the often complicated inner workings of the business industry. Ronald Fowlkes, the Business Development Manager of Law Enforcement/Commercial Products for the leading provider of equipment solutions for tactical professionals (Eagle Industries Unlimited) has distinct experience in many stress-charged environments. Serving the military as a contractor for the Department of Defense along with his extensive background in tactical training, Ronald Fowlkes has put his experience to work in his current position.


Acuity is Proactive


Over a decade Mr. Fowlkes has continued to serve the community in law enforcement and has acquired new skills along the way. Exhibiting the ability and drive to instruct others on the use of tactical rifles, and other defensive tactics, are just the beginning of prowess Ronald Fowlkes has acquired and continues to share his impressive knowledge on. The quality of products he selects to develop and bring to consumers via his position at Eagle Industries solidifies a determination to provide his best to others around him. As a marine corps member and veteran of the Gulf war, dedication is a must have to survive and thrive. Ronald Fowlkes utilizes his gained expertise to translate it to proven success in various enterprises.


Beyond Merit


Promoted twice while working for the Marine Corps in the late 80’s and early 90’s, Ronald Fowlkes completed tasks involving reconnaissance and air and naval missions. He also has been a part of combat zone infantry operations. Among the list of unique skills he possesses he was required to complete roles involving post-blast analysis, evidence collection, hostage rescue and tactical questioning of captives. After being in these intensely strained environments, the volatile world of business is full of opportunities for those gifted with an unwavering aptitude to shine. Adaptability equates to survival in combat, and so the same could be said for the often times cutthroat intensity synonymous with the world of trade and commerce.


Actively Leisure


Purpose driven work seems the reoccurring theme in Ronald Fowlkes past and current occupations. And the focus is admirable. Still with that same voracity, he dedicates time to other valuable purposes. Mr. Fowlkes has also coached his son’s hockey team and continues to support and give time and attention to the hockey arena. From ensuring his company is represented by someone with a surplus of knowledge to support their high-quality products to sharing his vast knowledge with others to defend and protect, Ronald Fowlkes makes every task he performs a study in tactical precision.


The insurance market in the United States has long been controversial for its high priced insurances. However, thanks to the insurance companies like USHEALTH Group Inc, the health, and medical insurance has become highly reasonable for middle-class people. The good thing about USHEALTH Group is that it provides its comprehensive insurance products at prices much lesser than other counterparts in the market. Since the time of its inception till now, the company has sold insurance products to over 15 million customers. The company has a huge customer base in an industry that is otherwise categorized with high volatility and low customer retention rate.

The USHEALTH Group Inc has two subsidiaries that it sells its insurances through, namely the Freedom Life Insurance Company and National Life Insurance Company. The company has its headquarters based in Fort Worth, Texas, and has regional offices spread through different parts of the country. Also, USHEALTH Group Inc has a vast network of trained and certified insurance agents who help the customers choose the right product as per their requirements and budget. The company is dedicated to helping customers with even low budget be able to afford health insurance.

Some of the most popular insurance products sold by the company are accident insurance, health insurance, medical insurance, life insurance, income protection insurance, vision insurance, dental insurance, critical illness insurance, disability insurance, and more. The primary market of USHEALTH Group is the small business owners and individuals seeking insurance for them. The agents of the company will help in choosing the right insurance products for your employees if you are a business owner. Moreover, the company can also customize the insurance products for its customers. It helps in ensuring that the business owner doesn’t have to extend their budget unnecessarily. See more updates on Twitter

The company also offers fast and responsive customer service. The biggest complaint of most of the customers with the insurance companies is that once the insurance is sold, there is no after sales service. However, it is not the same with USHEALTH Group Inc as it continually strives to provide best products and customer services to all its customers. The company keeps introducing innovative products from time to time as the insurance industry evolves and the requirements of the customers change. USHEALTH Group Inc has close to five decades of experience in the insurance industry that helps the firm to provide superior quality services at economical price. The company believes in building long term bonding with its customers, and that is what differentiates USHEALTH Group from other insurance firms. Visit:


While presenting his bona fides to Queen Elizabeth II Daniel Taub wore a yarmulke. Born in Britain in 1962 Daniel Taube served as Isreal’s ambassador to the Court of Saint James’s for four years beginning in 2011. An Orthodox Jew he moved to Isreal in 1989.

As Ambassador Taub and the queen chatted in the Kensington embassy her majesty asked his feelings on being his adoptive country’s top diplomat in the UK. Learn more about Daniel Taub: and

Daniel Taub responded by explaining that for him immigrating to Isreal was like returning from exile. He also expressed gratitude for being able to raise his family in what he described as their “historic homeland”.

Then the diplomat in Daniel Taub revealed himself. He expressed gratitude for the safe haven and opportunities that Britain had provided for him and his forebearers.

He added that accepting the ambassadorship was his way of showing gratitude to both Isreal and Britain. He was giving back by fostering positive relations between the two nations.

Educated at Oxford and Harvard Daniel Taub is an expert in International Law. His diplomatic career began in 1991 when he accepted a position with the Isreali Foreign Ministry.

He has served as the ministry’s Principal Deputy Legal Advisor. Taub has been a part of the Middle East Peace Process as one of the Isreali negotiators during talks between Isreal and Syria.

In an interview given upon ending his ambassadorship in Britain, Daniel Taub acknowledged Britain’s importance not only to Isreal but to the world.

Not only is it the world’s financial center but the British media wealds great influence internationally. Taub feels this is especially important given the current state of affairs in the Middle East.

Sometimes ambassadors struggle with promoting their country’s view of an issue when it differs from their own. For Ambassador Taub this was never an issue. He believed that it was his job to make clear the views of Isreali citizens and their government.

At the end of his four-year tenure as Ambassador to Britain Daniel Taub was regarded as one of Isreal’s most successful ambassadors to the Court of Saint Jame’s.

Read more: Daniel Taub | Crunchbase and Daniel Taub | Wikipedia

What makes a good entrepreneur? Is it his ability to withstand challenges? Is it his ability to stand up after falling? Is it her passion to push for the product she wants to put out there? There’s no fixed rules. There’s no really set of rules that will say what makes a good business person, but read on below to learn some of the traits that increase one’s chances for success.

An Environment For Business

According to an article from The Balance, one good factor to increase one’s ability to succeed in business is to go to a place where it’s healthiest to start a business. The 2016 Global Entrepreneurship Index said that the one country where to be an entrepreneur means a lot and is given a high value is the United States. The next country that’s most healthy and conducive to business is Canada, which is then followed by Denmark and then Sweden. Taiwan is also a country that ranks next as the best place to start a business. These countries have a lot going on that are beneficial to entrepreneurs, and these include low small business taxes and a lot of incentives for small businesses.

Personality for Business

Another layer of the study that was revealed in terms of business success is personality. The article showed that not all personalities are meant for business, and not many of them offer what are demanded from a real entrepreneur. The motivation that comes with going through all the challenges has to be inside some people that can’t be found by other personalities. One such personality who always showcases what it means to succeed in business is Jose Hawilla. Check out quora to see more.

About Jose Hawilla

One thing that you should remember about Jose Hawilla is the fact that he came from Sao Jose do Rio Preto and worked as a journalist in radio and newspaper there. After learning everything in the world of journalism, he went on to climb up onto the ladder of entrepreneurship. Jose is right now the frenetic operator and owner of Brazil’s major marketing company. Being married and a father of three children also humbles him down and gives him the strength that he needs to push for his projects, including the the newspaper he bought, which is called Traffic.

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